With the Lunar New Year starting with a New Moon, what lies ahead for you and what should you be mindful of? Tatler’s astrologer De Rui gives us a look ahead

Every Lunar New Year begins on a New Moon and the Year of the Rabbit kicks off on Sunday in the sign of Aquarius. This New Moon is a chance to set new goals and intentions for your independence, both in thought and in action. Insist right now on what you think is best, not just for you but for the bigger picture. The meeting of Venus and Saturn lends practicality to the atmosphere, and Uranus coming out of retrograde as well boosts our push for more freedom.

Long-term commitments, causes we are devoted to, and even our marriages give us something to believe in this week. We can be more optimistic about, and even romanticise, the things we care about for the long term. This is a time for re-commitments and renewals of faith in that which gives life a sense of meaning. Challenges to yours or others choices aren’t likely to be taken well.

Mercury came out of its retrograde last week but the potential for insulting words hangs in the air as the planet makes its way back over familiar territory. With Venus moving into Pisces on Friday, the potential exists for us to rise above any feelings of hurt from others’ barbs. The end of the week is a good time to tap into our powers of empathy.

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The Week by Rising Sign

Lunar New Year intention-setting relates to your career and public image. Cull your social circle of people who bring you down.

Stand your ground in the context of big institutions or foreign experiences right now. Enhance your reputation with the right investment.

You need a little breathing room in the context of an entanglement. A good deal for travel presents itself. Forgive a partner’s sharp comments.

Make sure your intimate partnership allows for independence. Little hiccups in your daily routine can arise. You may offer an incredible bargain or trade.

Now is the time to push for freedom and flexibility at the office. Routines should not become a straitjacket. Discernment in one-on-one partnerships is needed.

Evaluate health and diet regimens with a critical eye. Resolve to give yourself more creative authority. Harsh words at home may sting a bit.

Do what you think is best in relation to family. Investments of any kind are markedly prudent at the moment. Siblings or peers may cause some hurt.

Diverging from what close friends and siblings think can be good for you. Pick up a good deal on a piece for your home. Talk about money can open some wounds.

Going your own way on financial matters can make sense right now. Something in the local context is worth investing time or resources in. Keep vanity in check.

Set new intentions in relation to your identity or physical appearance. Your ability to add value to any situation is enhanced. Dreams can be disturbing.

Clothing and physical adornments are something to be picky about right now. Friends’ words could destabilise you. Make a point to explore spirituality.

Your intuitive discernment is at a high. Ideas about what is right for society should be thoroughly explored. Take any dents to your reputation at the moment in stride.

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