As Mercury retrograde ends this week, what lies ahead for you and what should you be mindful of? Tatler’s astrologer De Rui gives us a look ahead

Electronic devices everywhere get a chance to redeem themselves as Mercury comes out of its three-week retrograde on Wednesday. Logistics also become more manageable and messages become more straightforward to interpret. A challenging energy between Mercury and Mars all week, however, doesn’t make it easy to coordinate actions with words.

Stay away from the candy lined up next to the checkout—and other temptations that fit this metaphor—as impulsive purchases and investments are more than likely. Under the influence of Venus and Uranus, we can be drawn to novel attractions without thinking through the consequences. The excitement of new people, objects, and ideas, though, can be electrifying.

Powerful and intense figures may come on the radar towards the end of the week, stirring up deep feelings and yearnings. Whether they are friend or foe, they have appeared on the scene to catalyse or transform situations that are stuck.

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The Week by Rising Sign

Your views and philosophies are coming across loud and clear, although aligning them with practical reality is another matter. A compelling figure can help your career.

Too-good-to-be-true propositions that promise to enhance your status may end up disappointing. Proceed with caution. Contacts abroad stir up deep emotions.

Bring up relationship issues that have been on your mind at the end of the week. Even if there is no immediate follow-up, the conversation is worth having. Trends have you opening your wallet.

Being with others brings out strong emotions. Powerful figures can change a situation. Opportunities on the career front may be momentarily tempting, but hold off on major decisions.

A key person presents a chance to make a health or job-related change. Try to avoid spending resources you don’t have. Creative projects are fun to talk about even if there’s nothing concrete.

The latter half of the week is an opportunity to discuss how you feel. Coordinating ideas and opinions at home could prove a challenge. Something fun but expensive could set you back.

A love interest may occupy your attention, so be mindful about the time commitment involved. Local issues may stir up strong emotions. Be prepared to change your mind.

A close friend or peer pushes for a change in the community. Venturing out to explore something in your city or town for the first time can bring excitement. Talking about money might be helpful.

You may be full of quips and witty comments. An investment opportunity may appear to be extremely compelling. Intense feelings about family are possible.

Clarity about what you must do to help others can be found. Someone may feel possessive about you. What your home says about you can come into focus.

Your latest thoughts about a cause you care about are crystalising. Key figures around you provide spiritual guidance. You can follow any strange whim as long as they don’t break the bank.

Becoming a spokesperson for a public or important work project is supported. Friends and networks can stir up deep attachments. Something of the moment catches your eye.

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