Track your mood, predict your upcoming cycles and learn the best days to workout with these period trackers

Cue the bleeding, cramps and mood changes. Though menstruation occurs around a dozen times a year for many who experience periods, their side effects may still take us by surprise.Tracking your period helps you understand yourself better, so you’ll feel more prepared for the changes in your body. 

Take a look at our selection of some of the best period tracking apps on the market—from those offering insight on mood and sex drive to one created to optimise workouts. 

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Natural Cycles

Best for: Those in search of insight on ovulation dates 

Using an algorithm through daily temperature measurements and period cycle tracking, Natural Cycles predicts users’ ovulation days and tells you when it’s necessary to use protection on “fertile” days. 

Aside from offering a daily reading on your fertility status, the app also helps you track potential PMS symptoms, sex drive and more. It can be used in conjunction with products such as the Oura smart ring, a device created by Finnish tech firm Oura Health that tracks sleep and physical activities. 

Natural Cycles was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a method of birth control in 2018. The developers state that the app is 93 per cent effective with typical use, and 98 per cent effective with perfect use. 

Note that the FDA states that “no form of contraception works perfectly, so an unplanned pregnancy could still result from correct usage of this device.”

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Best for: Astrology enthusiasts 

Stardust is an astrology-based period tracking app that uses AI data and the lunar calendar to offer suggestions on moods, period cravings and potential PMS symptoms. It also offers spiritual advice. 

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Best for: Comprehensive period insights

Perhaps one of the best-known period trackers on the market, Clue works with health researchers to provide predictions of period dates as well as other insights on energy, mood and PMS. 

In 2021, Clue announced it will be launching “Clue Birth Control”, a programme approved by the FDA in the US in the same year to be used as what the app developers call a “digital contraceptive”. It will offer ovulation predictions through a predictive algorithm, which will get to know a user’s unique cycle patterns better as more data is entered. Clue claims the programme is 92 per cent effective with typical use, and 97 percent effective with perfect use. 

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Wild AI

Best for: Understanding the best way to train, recover and eat during your period

Wild.AI is a blend between a fitness tracker and a period tracker, aiming to help change how women train, fuel and recover from exercise. 

Users will first answer preliminary periods cycle questions, such as your period length and the dates of your recent period. The app will then provide advice for training, nutrition, recovery and recommended supplement intake. Users can also integrate fitness data from other fitness trackers such as Strava and Garmin.

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Best for: Sharing period data with your partner

Open the dialogue about your menstrual health with your partner by inviting them to Cycles, a period tracking app that allows couples to share period data with each other.

It offers a simple user interface allowing for an overview of predictions in ovulation days and estimated timeframes for PMS and periods. 

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