Cheung Pakhung, one of the world’s fastest rope skippers and a world champion, wants to get the city on its feet doing the sport he loves

Sat on the ground, legs straight in front of him, Cheung Pak-hung flicks a rope behind his head, jumps to his feet, flips the rope under one ankle before throwing himself into a handstand, showing off some hip-hop moves, and whipping the rope over his head again. These are not your playground skipping games.

In November, Cheung, the founder of Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping, took part in Instagram’s Creator Week, an invite-only professional development programme for content creators. While in person, the 28-year-old is quiet, with a shy smile, put a rope in his hand and he immediately comes out of his shell and transforms into a charismatic, energetic athlete. It’s little wonder he has 116,000 followers on his personal Instagram.

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