The red-hot South Korean septet also released the music video of their lead single Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

South Korean music group BTS has dropped their new album. The development of the group’s much-anticipated anthology album encompasses their nine-year career consisting of three CDs. The album features 48 tracks in total, including three new songs: Run BTS, For Youth, and Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), penned by the group’s rappers RM, Sugar, and J-Hope. The album also consists of their older tracks, aiming to tell a story about BTS’s past, present and future as a veteran K-pop idol group that has since dominated the world stage.

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The first two discs of the album are available on streaming and digital retailers, while the majority of the album’s third disc is CD-only, filled with demos, deep cuts and solo acapella tracks like Jungkook’s Still With You, and group demos of Boy In Luv, Boyz with Fun, Seesaw and more. 

Earlier today, the band also released their breathtaking new music video for Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)—which offers a glimpse at their past through various references to previous music videos. 

Fans of the band, also known as Army, will be able to explore and walk down memory lane with BTS by spotting some references from their music videos for songs such as their debut single No More Dream to the tearjerker Spring Day and even their chart-topping hit Blood, Sweat and Tears. The lyrics for the song are particularly wholesome and emotional, including lines such as: "Yeah the past was the best, but my best is what comes next."

“We released more albums than singles. There are more than 100 songs so while we choose a song (for Proof), it was like trying to put together a puzzle. It makes use to reminisce about our past, and Army would reminisce as well. Those who have recently discovered us can learn BTS’ history.”

- Suga, BTS -

The group will be performing the album live on June 10 to mark the ninth anniversary of their debut. This is the boy band’s first appearance on domestic music shows since March 2020, as well as their first album since BE, released in 2020. They did not stay dormant during the break, releasing hit singles like Dynamite, Butter, Permission to Dance and My Universe in collaboration with Coldplay between BE and Proof. 

The group has also launched a #MyBTStory YouTube challenge, inviting fans to create and upload YouTube shorts about their favourite memories with the band till July 9.


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