Mahjong is a quintessential Chinese New Year activity, but these ultra-luxe sets add a touch of glamour to the classic game

Believed to be developed in 19th century China, the game of mahjong is usually played by four players, sitting intimidatingly opposite each other in a square. Since then, the game has spread throughout Asia, and is known to be a game of skill and luck. 

A game enjoyed by all generations, the favourite Chinese pastime normally makes its rounds through gatherings especially during Chinese New Year. Avid mahjong players will battle it out at the table while those new to the game become curious onlookers. Swap your old mahjong set for a new one as we give you these luxury sets to choose from.

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1. Vanity Mahjong, Louis Vuitton

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Above Photo: Louis Vuitton

Designed in the shape of a trunk, travel with Louis Vuitton’s mahjong set as you hop from house to house. With 144 tiles encased in six drawers, the set screams drama as compared to its one-tiered counterparts. 

2. Mahjong Set, Geoffrey Parker

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Above Photo: Geoffrey Parker

Chinese mahjong artist Liu Jun was a key member in the design process for this set. He had carved the ox bone and bamboo tiles now included in the set. Encased in the brand’s signature leather attache case and a black suede interior, the set comes in various colours for you to choose from.

3. Mahjong Set, Tiffany and Co

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Above Photo: Tiffany and Co

Tiffany’s iconic blue is hard to miss, especially not when it covers a mahjong set. The set is made of an American walnut wood base in a leather box that holds the 150 tiles and 120 scoring sticks. Adorned head to toe in Tiffany blue, fashion fiends will want to add this set to their collection. 

4. Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game, Prada

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Above Photo: Prada

Made of pure Saffiano leather, Prada’s sleek black mahjong set veers from the classic. The set comes with tiles which contain characters and images engraved in a deep, elegant green. Irresistible.

5. Shagreen Mahjong Set, Aerin

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Above Photo: Aerin

This minimalist mahjong set contains 144 engraved tiles on white melamine. Coloured in a quaint cream colour and finished with a suede lining, the set will surely turn heads during gatherings with friends and family.

6. Venezia Calf Leather Mahjong, Berluti

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Above Photo: Berluti

Made in collaboration with Chinese designer Benwu Studio, Berluti’s mahjong set comes with a handy clutch, great for bringing it on the go when house visiting. The venezia leather is painted in a beautiful dark brown, adding a tinge of vintage elegance.

7. Passione di gioco, Agresti

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Above Photo: Agresti

Luxury Italian furniture brand Agresti presents a simple and rustic looking mahjong set in two colours. Equipped with brass parts, the set comes in either matt canaletto walnut or ebony. 

8. The World's Most Luxurious Mahjong Set, S.T. Dupont

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Above Photo: S.T. Supont

This beautiful, glimmering mahjong set is made in collaboration with L’Aquart and is probably the most luxurious addition to the world of mahjong. Made from solid blocks of Tanzanian ruby and engraved and hand hammered in gold vermeil, the set is truly a sight to behold. 


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