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As a house in Southside sells for HK$870 million and sets a new high for home transactions in the city, here are some of the biggest through-the-roof property sales of the past year and a half

Hong Kong is frequently ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, thanks chiefly to its jaw-dropping property prices. As new records are set following the HK$870 million (US$111 million) sale of a luxury mansion in Shouson Hill in June, we take a look back at some headline-making transactions in 2021 and 2022 so far. 

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Luxury Mansion

Last month, the HK$870 million (US$111 million) sale of an 8,032 sq ft, six-bedroom mansion at the No 15 Shouson development in the Shouson Hill neighbourhood in Southside broke records as the most expensive home transaction in Hong Kong this year. 

Amenities inside the luxury home include a private pool, a garden measuring 3,427 sq ft, and a rooftop of 2,091 sq ft, as well as two parking spaces. All the bedrooms feature en suites. This marks the very first sale at the exclusive estate, which is co-developed by Emperor International, C C Land, Mingfa Group and CSI Properties.

The previous most expensive home transaction record was set in 2021, when a 3,378 sq ft apartment on 21 Borrett Road in the Mid-Levels sold for HK$459 million (US$58.5 million). It was also the most expensive apartment sold in Asia at the time. 

Property Sold Per Sq Ft

A 4,544 sq ft apartment at the Mount Nicholson development on the Peak sold for HK$640 million (US$82.2 million), or HK$140,800 (US$18,100) per sq ft, in November 2021. It broke records as the priciest property sold on a per-square-foot basis not just in Hong Kong, but across Asia. 

Its buyer was later revealed to be Lau Chauin, the daughter of Lau Chi-keung, the chairman of Shenzhen-headquartered Heungkong Group.

Residential Land Site

A 21,173 sq ft residential land site in the exclusive Repulse Bay neighbourhood was reportedly sold for the record-breaking price of HK$1.9 billion (US$242 million) in February 2022 to the developer Success Energy. The site reportedly affords approximately 19,055 sq ft of space per floor—and this works out to HK$62,355 (US$7,943) per sq ft. 

This smashes the previous record for the priciest residential plot sold by the government, which was set in February 2021. A plot of land was sold on the Peak that cost HK$50,011 (US$6,371) per sq ft.

Parking Space

A parking space at the Mount Nicholson development on the Peak reportedly sold for HK$10.2 million (US$1.3 million) in June last year, becoming the most expensive place to park an automobile not only in Hong Kong, but also in the world.

The previous world record, which also took place in Hong Kong, was set in 2019: a parking space at the Ultima development in Ho Man Tin sold for HK7.6 million (US$968,160).

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