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With an incredibly light visual presence, this modern mountain retreat in Wyoming comprising five connected barns fulfils the homeowner’s long-held childhood dream

Interior designers often receive plenty of unique briefs over the course of their work. When Los Angeles-based interior designer Philip Nimmo was approached to dress the interiors of a home made up of a series of barns that were interconnected by halls of glass, he was intrigued. 

The project was one that the homeowner, a business entrepreneur, and investor, had envisioned ever since he was a child. “It was a childhood dream he had carried around for years,” Nimmo explains. “He loved the idea of having individual pavilions connected by glass hallways.”

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Nestled at the base of the Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Hole valley, Wyoming, the American home is designed to be attuned to its tranquil surroundings. “When I first saw the site, I was taken by the majesty of the property, from the expansive sky to the breathtaking views. Jackson town is a visual wonder,” recalls Nimmo. 

Nicknamed Five Shadows for the five connecting buildings, the 12,000 sq ft property features six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The firm worked closely with CLB Architects and builders KWC to interconnect the buildings. “As you see, there are no eaves or overhangs, so the technical considerations were most important,” adds Nimmo.

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Architecturally, the material palette was kept simple as the homeowner “was committed to using a limited number of finishes throughout the house to maintain a nice consistency”. Working with the architects, the design team limited the construction materials to the exterior stone, white oak floors and walls, Calacatta marble, as well as blacked steel details around the window and doors.

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Inside, the designer stuck to a unified neutral palette composed of white hues and light wood for a seamlessly connected look across all five barns.

“We very much wanted the neutral palette to showcase the beautiful setting and views and, of course, the amazing architecture,” notes Nimmo. “The light in Wyoming is quite beautiful and the soothing colours are always in harmony with the ever-changing light.”

Large windows found throughout the abode frame the scenic views while allowing plenty of natural light to stream in. “The outstanding views were the client’s first concern when building the house,” comments the designer. “The light is impressive, and we wanted to take full advantage of flooding the house with the environment.” During construction, the team advocated for further enlarging several windows. “Though it was costly to do, it was the right thing to do.”

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The main living area, tucked in one of the central barns, comprises a living room, kitchen and dining area, as well as a family room. The three different areas are housed within the same open-plan space, separated by two fireplaces. “Though separate, they needed to all speak to each other as one,” Nimmo explains. 

To do so, the designer strategically selected furnishings to tie the different areas together. Both the living room and the family room are anchored with the same shearling rug and similar furniture pieces.

The designer also took into consideration that the clients love hosting friends and family when selecting the furnishings for the home. “The clean lines of Italian furniture seemed to compliment the house most appropriately. In addition, I designed much of the furniture specifically for the home,” he says. “All the furniture needed to be comfortable and laid out in such a manner that it accommodated both small and large groups.”

While the entire area boasts a similar calming atmosphere, the designer subtly ensured that each space had its individual personality. “It was important to have the living room read a little more formal than the family room. We achieved this differentiation by way of finishes,” he explains. “The living area is a bit more polished, and the family room is more forgiving.” 

The material palette is key to injecting warmth within the blank canvas, highlights Nimmo. “Working with a neutral colour scheme, it was most important to have a play of textures to add depth to the visual experience. All the different wools, cashmeres, and leathers add to the layering. The white oak floors and walls are complemented by the different woods used on the furniture.”

The theatre located in the basement, which seats more than 14 people, is the designer’s favourite room. “I really love the space, it’s equipped with a fantastic sound system that rivals any theatre out there,” he enthuses.   

Tranquillity also reigns in other parts of the home, including the bedrooms, which offers spectacular views of the neighbouring mountains. According to Nimmo, the private sanctuaries are designed with “a sense of wellbeing” in mind. “The calm feeling in the bedrooms comes from their simplicity,” he elaborates. “Everything is edited and curated, and nothing competes for attention. We only have minimum furnishings in these bedrooms. They truly are very peaceful rooms with their colour and textures and layouts.”

Embracing an indoor-outdoor concept that highlights the home’s connection to nature, the designer also sought to promote a sense of relaxed living with the rich material palette and furnishings. “Whatever the time of year, the house allows for effortless living,” he reveals. “I love the attention we paid to the exterior environment. During the summertime, it is quite nice to luxuriate poolside and dine al fresco or roast marshmallows by the fireplaces. In winter, the heated pathways make it effortless to walk across different areas.”

As a person who also enjoys entertaining, the designer is ultimately pleased with the result of the design and “finds the house friendly and easy to work in”. And while he feels that “all the rooms are quite lovely and purposeful”, his favourite element is the pool house kitchen, aside from the theatre. “The flip up glass window is awesome! It feels like the most sophisticated food truck ever,” he laughs.

As for the clients, the designer highlighted that they were involved in the process every step of the way, and that “it was a true collaboration between all the key players”. 

He concludes: “That said, it was truly remarkable to have the clients walk in and see the house completed for the first time. It was the evening when they arrived, and all the lights were dimmed just right and the fresh flowers placed correctly. The house surpassed their highest expectations; it is undoubtedly an excellent place for them to enjoy.”

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