Ung Yiu Lin talks to Tatler about why her favourite way to unwind from her hectic life is with the OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0

To say that entrepreneur, mother and fitness enthusiast Ung Yiu Lin leads a hectic life is an understatement. The always impeccably turned out dynamo shuttles between work, taking care of her three young children, and a punishing fitness regime daily but still finds time to unwind every day. "I practice self-care rituals every day like a five-minute skincare regime especially now that I'm 42. I enjoy massages as a good way to shut down so I relax and have 30 minutes to myself daily," she explains.

When she unwinds, it's usually on her OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0, which offers the wellness brand's most immersive massage experience yet. Equipped with a power-packed suite of functions, the Master Drive AI 2.0 is equipped with a Health Tracker and Scanner Technology, is AI-ready with a Powered Automated Analyst and a 6th Generation Microprocessor. For absolute ease of use, there's also face recognition and voice command control.

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Since it was established in 1996, OGAWA has grown not only in terms of developing wellness technologies and products, the now trusted brand has established a global presence in over 20 countries with more than 1,000 outlets worldwide. OGAWA also designs, engineers, and manufactures all of its own products which allow for strict quality controls whether it's the during the manufacturing process or the quality of materials used.

Having an OGAWA chair at home is particularly useful to Ung for its convenience. "I really enjoy massages whether it’s a spa or getting someone to come over because I do a lot of strength training and my muscles are always sore. Even though I do yoga and pilates to stretch, nothing beats a massage but because something inevitably crops up at work or at home, I end up cancelling my appointments. Now that I have the OGAWA chair at home, I don't have to pre-plan massages outside because I have massages on-demand," she enthuses.

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The OGAWA chair takes pride of place in the fashionista's home because it fits in with her stylish abode. "I love the chair because it does not look like your typical massage chair. It’s so sleek and it fits into the design of my house which I’m quite particular about. It's placed in the Zen room which we created for my husband or me to relax. When we do, we switch off the light, turn on the air-con and the chair. The OGAWA chair has its own surround sound system and light which totally gets you into the zone," she says.

"It’s really that half an hour where my husband and I can be alone with our own thoughts or just Netflix and chill."

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Indeed the chair's efficacy in promoting relaxation was recently the subject of a collaborative study with Universiti Malaya on a paper titled, Investigating the Effects of OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 Automated Massage on Blood Circulation and Sleep Quality. The results showed a significant improvement in blood circulation: 81.32 per cent by using the OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 M.6 Deep Tissue programme and an increase in sleep quality up to 88.73 per cent progressed in sleep efficiency through the M.6 Sweet Dream programme.

With regards to what Ung loves best about the chair, she speaks glowingly about how the chair's advanced AI can assess her body at that particular moment. "The Fatigue Control function is my favourite. You just put your thumb on it and it assesses the state of your body at that time to gauge if you have more tension in your shoulders or something else. With this function, I don’t even have to think and it will immediately program something suitable for me. The software is great especially since we all have different issues so it’s very personalised," she states. 

Not only is the OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 is equipped with cutting edge AI which enables it to customise the most suitable massage programme for the user by utilising the user's personalised health profile and data, but this smart function also allows it to provide more accurate acupressure and richer human-touch massage experiences.

As to how often Ung uses the chair, she reveals: "Every time I come home, I catch my husband on the chair and whenever we have those little moments in the day when we can switch off, we’re on the chair. Instead of the bed or sofa, we’re actually on the chair often to unwind so we’re really making the most of it."


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