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Looking for the perfect game to play? These mahjong sets aren't just luxurious but they'll also keep you entertained

Additional reporting by Cheryl Lai-Lim. 

Mahjong is a game that has transcended time. The game is perfect both as a pastime but also a way for families and friends to spend time together. And when it comes to Hong Kong traditions and social gatherings, it's impossible not to think of mahjong.

There are a lot of other luxe games out there, but nothing beats classic mahjong. We've rounded up the most luxurious sets that you need to get your hands on––whether it's for you to play, to gift, or to add to your collection.

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Brunello Cucinelli Mahjong Set

Brunello Cucinelli's first Mahjong set uses fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship including European walnut wood and engraved using lasers. Consisting of 144 playing pieces, the all-hand decorated set made in Italy also has a case made from two stackable trays and cover.

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S.T. Dupont Mahjong Set

S.T. Dupont's Haute creation is the world's most luxurious mahjong set. Handcrafted for more than eight months using solid blocks of Tanzanian ruby—a symbol of royalty and the energy of the sun, the 144 large tiles are all handmade so each piece is unique.

The metalwork around the ruby tiles was engraved manually by hand in gold vermeil, the colour of the five legendary emperors of ancient China. For the finishing touch, each title on the face and reserve side have more than 1000 Burmese rubies and 300 high-quality diamonds for that extra dose of luxury.

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Geoffrey Parker Mahjong Set

Geoffrey Parker joined forces with China's foremost mahjong artist, Liu Jun to crave the tiles in this beautiful mahjong set. A known luxury games marker, this mahjong set is like no other—the trunk comes with crystal glasses, cigars and even a decanter. You can also just choose the attache case if the trunk feels a bit too overboard.

The set is bound in leather and you can choose from calf, ostrich or automotive in various colours. The mahjong tile itself is crafted from ox bone and bamboo and you can get the dragons engraved in the metal casing for that extra exquisite touch.

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Jaques London Luxury Club Mahjong Set

Jacques London's mahjong set comes with a beautiful leather case with everything you need to play this traditional game. For beginners or if you need a refresher, there is a comprehensive rule book included. The mahjong set is fully handmade together with the cabinet case.

To top it off, it is packed with the trademark Jacques London historical paper with Jaques luxury ribbon—perfect for a gift.

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Bello Games Luxury Designer Mahjong Set

Bello Games New York's mahjong set is made of uria stone and are fully engraved and skillfully hand-painted. The 166 premium bright white coloured tiles also include four racks with pushers, 100 chips, three dices and an instruction booklet.

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Hermes Helios Mahjong Set

The Helios mahjong set comes in luxurious orange-brown leather tiles—a nod to the French Maison's classic colour scheme. Hermès through and through, the set is made from solid palissander wood and printed Swift calfskin while the tiles are printed in full leather.

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Prada Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game

This mahjong set is called Saffiano leather for a reason—all the games pieces including the acrylic resin tiles are wrapped in Saffiano leather. Bringing Prada's classic Italian style to this game set, it is covered in black and red—mimicking the luxury brand's signature colours. The set-piece is placed in a slick black case complete with Prada's iconic gold lettering.

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Singapore Airlines Limited-Edition Mahjong Set

Drawing inspiration from the heritage of Singapore Airlines, this limited-edition mahjong set from the airline giant features tiles adorned with their signature batik motif as well as other flight-related elements. With the new design, the traditional mahjong tiles and symbols take on a contemporary twist.

The Bamboo suite, for example, reflects the seat map of an airplane, while the first Bamboo tile portrays the Singapore Airlines logo. The White Board tiles are represented with aircraft windows, while the flowers and seasons tiles are inspired by local flowers. The accompanying chips—as well as the back of all 148 tiles—also feature the airlines’ iconic batik print. Exuding a strong sense of heritage and identity, the mahjong set definitely stands out from the crowd.


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Louis Vuitton Mahjong Set

First revealed at the Louis Vuitton Savoir Faire Universe showcase in Taiwan, this limited-edition mahjong set from the French luxury maison features elegant jade playing pieces. The tiles are kept protected in a hardside trunk that’s wrapped in the brand’s signature monogrammed leather fabric and gold hardware—injecting a dose of stylish flair to any mahjong table. 


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Tiffany and Co Mahjong Set

Tiffany and Co’s first-ever mahjong set is housed in a leather case that prominently features the brand’s iconic Tiffany Blue hue. Lined with a suede interior, the leather set includes a lock-and-key closure.

The 150 tiles in the set are crafted with three layers: an American walnut wood base, an engraved core made of Tiffany blue, grey, and black shades, as well as a pristine white surface. The set is accompanied by sterling silver dice and four American walnut wood tile rests that are each intricately engraved with the Tiffany and Co logo.


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Ralph Lauren Joanna Mahjong Set

Ralph Lauren’s home decor arm has released their luxurious mahjong set that adds a stylish and modern touch to any game. With an ivory surface and gold accents, the hand-painted leather tiles are each intricately set in cherry wood. The glamorous set is encased in a cream leather repository featuring brass detailing.  


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