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Can’t decide on a gift for mum? Check out these artisanal florists

When you think about it, there is really nothing more lovely than receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers and having them to admire for days to come in a lovely vase. This is probably why flowers are one of the most common gifts that are given to mums for Mother’s Day

With customisable options, unique arrangements and a variety of flowers to choose from, there’s something for every mum out there regardless of her personal style and preference. 

Thinking of gifting mum a bouquet of her favourite blooms this Mother’s Day? Then check out Tatler’s list of some of the best floral studios in Singapore below.

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1. Charlotte Puxley

Sustainable and beautiful, Charlotte Puxley is a floral studio that was established in 2015 by its Londoner founder after spending six years in the British floral scene. With her English countryside style and desire to celebrate the natural beauty of flowers and foliage, Puxley has created bouquets that are vibrant, classic and simply gorgeous. 

This Mother’s Day, explore some of Charlotte Puxley’s bouquets such as the Jammie Dodger which comes in the studio’s signature box bags. Flowers are also available in clear glass vases. 

Puxley’s studio aims to skip unnecessary plastic and packaging so you are encouraged to reuse existing vases and to reuse or recycle the brown kraft paper bags your flowers will come in. 

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2. Fiore Dorato

When it comes to shopping for flowers for a special occasion, Fiore Dorato is a florist you have to have on your radar. With its fervent belief that flowers are more than symbolic decorations, it aims to create indelible impressions with flowers that are just perfect for your special someone.

This Mother’s Day, you can check out some of its gorgeous bouquets including its Majestic Love set which is a collection of delicate pastel and vibrant pink flowers that are sure to win mum’s heart.

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3. Giovannette & Co

As a leading artisan floral design company, Giovannette & Co prides itself on creating beautiful and whimsical bouquets that use only the best self-sourced flowers from both local and international growers. 

This Mother’s Day, why not surprise and spoil your mom with its Pink De Luxe bouquet? With 200 fresh long-stem ice pink roses that have been tied together and wrapped with LED lights in a metallic blush pink wrapper, this bouquet is truly unforgettable and very Instagram-worthy.

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4. The Floral Atelier

The Floral Atelier is a favourite among many within the Tatler community simply because of its ability to turn your floral dreams into reality.

This May, celebrate the queen in your life with The Floral Atelier’s Joyful Mom-ents Carnation Bloom Box, which features a plethora of Cinnamon Crush Carnations artfully decorated in a baby pink rounded box.

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5. Flower Addict

Founded in 2017 by Kerry James and Sandi Sadek, Flower Addict is an award-winning online florist in Singapore that specialises in stylish and glamourous flower arrangements that focus on indulgent contemporary designs and quality blooms.

Check out the studio’s plethora of incredible bouquets such as Mother’s Love, a beautiful statement piece that features pink lilies, hydrangeas and garden roses, all designed in a slender glass vase.

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