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Our relationship with home has significantly changed over the last two years, and this includes all the pieces we fill the place with. As work and rest intersect in the same spaces now more than ever, Home de Luxe believes that it’s necessary to intentionally curate beautiful, safe-havens. The luxury bedding brand is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for the finest home interior in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific, marrying form and function in every inch of their process.

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Above Tencel Lyocell Duvet Bedsheets Set - in Shell Ivory

Fuel for the business

Growing up between metropolitan cities and raised by entrepreneurial parents, Diana Fung developed her knack for business just a few years after graduating from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She spotted a few gaps in the local market, particularly for online shoppers and travellers.

“I wanted to disrupt the otherwise traditional brick-and-mortar business. I realised there was a gap in the online marketplace for quality, trusted home linens,” Diana says, explaining the early stages of growing the company. As a nascent industry that only picked up in the Philippines during the pandemic, there’s been a lot of mistrust in the online shopping scene. Often for shoppers what you see isn’t what you get. And just to feel refreshed and rejuvenated for a long weekend, Filipinos have to escape to foreign hotels or island resorts.

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Diana sought to find customer-centric solutions to address these gaps, so in 2019 she established a bedding and home decor source online that would deliver only the finest products straight to your doorstep. Home de Luxe has since been empowering Filipinos to recreate their very own five-star hotel experiences in the comfort and ease of their own homes.

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Photo 1 of 3 Diana Fung, Home de Luxe Founder and CEO
Photo 2 of 3 Hotel Blackout Curtains in Charcoal
Photo 3 of 3 Goose Feather Pillow with Premium Imported Down and 500 Thread count down-proof cotton shell

Art meets science

Diana started Home de Luxe with a single guiding question that so many people resonate with after returning from vacation. “Why isn’t my bed as comfy as a hotel bed?” The brand roots itself in this idea with every functional product it offers customers. Quality rest and well-being begin with a good night’s sleep. The right accessories make that a breeze; now as more work-from-home, these are the same tools used around the clock.

Home de Luxe’ arsenal of bed linens caters to every need, whether that might be light and airy fabric to complement the Philippines’ year-round tropical climate or material made with the latest technology in the industry. Sleep is so personal so the variety of linens to choose from is endless. Their Tencel and Hotel bedsheet collections aren’t just a foray into silky smooth slumber, these are made with rich 500-thread count sateen or cotton weave; all sourced sustainably for the environment and made safe for sensitive skin.

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Photo 1 of 3 Semi-blackout hotel curtains in white
Photo 2 of 3 Tencel Lyocell Duvet Bedsheets Set - in Stone Grey
Photo 3 of 3 Dotted Cotton Hotel Towels in Charcoal

With Home de Luxe’ collection of products in the bedroom, you wouldn’t always have to daydream about yet another vacation to escape to. The right bed linens will promote quality sleep so you can look forward to waking up each morning refreshed and perfectly contented in an everyday staycation of its own kind.

And it doesn’t just stop at an assortment of bed linens; the catalogue expands into every corner of the home to encourage custom-building this oasis. The brand carries hypoallergenic goose down pillows, duvet infills, and mattress toppers. Mimic the rest of the 5-star experience with bath accessories and kitchenware, all available in a variety of designs and textiles.

Home de Luxe understands that furniture, decor, and all the bells and whistles must tick off the boxes for both function and aesthetics. Beauty carries utility. Comfort isn’t limited to the physical form of objects; comfort emanates from the mental images and moods these pieces project to the people who surround them.

Homebuilding is in fact both science and art as demonstrated by the attention to detail the company brings to every inch of the process, starting with sourcing the finest materials made by local artisans until the customers’ online shopping experience. Home de Luxe is here to stay as a partner in guiding Filipinos to design their own personalised staycations — tightly-tucked corners, propped up pillows and all.

Visit the Home de Luxe official website or shop via Lazada and Shopee. For more updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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