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Make bedtime more fun with these wonderful bedsheets you can order in Manila!

Did you know? Children between five to eleven years old need at least 10 hours of sleep at night. This process plays a big role in their physical and mental development; during sleep, the brain sorts information, balances chemicals, and even solves complex problems.

Ironically, those who need to sleep more are the same people who do it less. Many children protest before bedtime for many reasons: they're not tired, they're hungry, and whatnot. 

In this article, Tatler lists shops in Manila where parents can get comfortable bedsheets to make their children's snooze time more fun!

1. Eight Interiors Manila

Eight Interiors Manila specialises in making ceramics and rugs, but the shop is known for its quality linen sheets that are comfortable to the skin and eyes. The sheets come with a duvet filler that can be adjusted depending on your preference. 

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2. Emilia's Home

Kids love patterns and colours! If you're looking for bed sheets and pillowcases that make the entire room look lively, Emilia's Homes is the shop you should check. Their bed accessories can lighten up anybody's mood with creative and sophisticated designs. 

3. Slumber Glow

The luxe pillowcases from Slumber Glow are plain, stylish, and kid-friendly. With their products, beds are easy to clean and comfortable to sleep on!

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4. Luxxagram

Online bedsheet shop Luxxagram offers a variety of bed sheets for adults and kids, but their eye-catching product? This grey Luxx Sleep Sheet with night sky patterns. The product comes with two pillowcases and one duvet cover. 

5. Love Beds PH

Children will surely be excited for bedtime with this bedsheet from Love Beds PH. The product is available in two reversible colours blue and grey! 

Tip: Give your kid the power to choose which colour he or she likes to sleep on for the night, this trick will help the child express his or her needs and wants!

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