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Feng Shui Master Marites Allen shares how we can create harmony and attract good energy in our living spaces

“While staying home in order to limit contact with others during the pandemic has become a must, it is not entirely foolproof,” expresses Marites Allen, the first Filipina ever to be awarded the title of Master in Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association. “Especially when family members need to go out for essential activities, the risk of catching possible infections and bringing them home is still there. Thus, the home becomes our first line of defense and must be kept safe, clean, and filled with rejuvenating energies.” Consulted by many local and international celebrities and tycoons, the UK based master shares with us easy to follow tips that you can apply to your home right now.

1. Cleanse rooms with crystal singing bowls

“People and spaces have energy and vibration. Singing bowls are used in feng shui to purify and at the same time bless homes through their sounds. Singing bowls are believed to have alternative healing properties. The sound vibrations may affect our body's different chakras, especially if one is feeling down, lonely or sad.  It improves and cleanses the energy of the person, the environment, and the lucky charms that we wear especially those that touch our body. The musical sound vibrations being produced can transform our mental state and promote deep relaxation. When using them, try to express a positive intention of what you want to manifest in your life.”

Allen’s Feng Shui lifestyle brand Frigga offers a selection of quartz crystal singing bowls.

2. Display an auspicious Laughing Buddha

“This figurine is considered a symbol of happiness, abundance, and well-being. It is used to correct certain imbalances in life while reminding us to be constantly grateful for our blessings. It is widely associated with prosperity.”

3. Have red accents around the home

“The color red represents the fire element, which is missing in the 2022 destiny chart. Incorporating red accents in home accessories, such as sofas or pillows, thus provides the necessary balance of elements. It is a great way of brightening up an area and inviting positive energy and bright prospects during the year.”

Designed in 1958 by the famed Verner Panton for a restaurant in Denmark, the unique cone-shaped chair has become an emblematic icon for Mid-Century Modern design. Available at CWC Interiors, it's the perfect lucky accent piece.

Normann Copenhagen's Tivoli Collection draws inspiration and whimsy from the famed Tivoli Gardens. Featuring candy stripes and a bold red hue, any piece would lend a nice auspicious touch to the home.

4. Light incense or scented candles

“Their pleasant smell help promote well-being. Incense, in particular, is used to clear stale energy and replace it with fresh rejuvenating chi in specific sectors of the home.”

Scented candles from Dior Maison’s latest collection ABCDior features a toile de jouy print from the emblematic Mitzah scarf collection which was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

5. Use new beddings and cushions as well as refresh curtains and linens

"Not only for sanitary purposes, particularly, if the previous ones are really old, but more for a symbolic fresh start and for infusing new energy into the home. In a similar token, using clean draperies help create that fresh feeling."

Linen and Homes features luxuriously soft bamboo beddings that is cool and silky to the touch.

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6. Enhance the lucky sectors of the home

"The Northeast, for example, is the wealth sector in 2022. Similarly, the North, Northwest, South, and Southeast sectors are considered lucky this year. Initiate a makeover in these areas. Place a new, round-shaped furniture to help attract a good flow of energy throughout the home."

B&B Italia’s "La Mama" armchair and pouf designed by Gaetano Pesce has sensuous rounded edges, adding a touch of luck and luxe to your space. The iconic Serie Up 2000 was designed in 1969 and was a symbol of the feminist movement.

To know more, you can reach Marites Allen through or inquire at for her services.



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