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The concept of a personal sanctuary has never felt more pertinent now that we’re spending more time at home. Here’s how to make your abode more comfortable than ever

Calming and serene—our homes should be a sanctuary with an inviting ambience where we can unwind and recharge. With the pandemic ushering everyone indoors, making your own cocoon even more comfortable takes the forefront. Here, we show you how you can add cosy elements to your home to soften a space and create a tranquil abode.

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1. Creative dialogue

The owner of this urban loft is a seasoned traveller with a keen eye for unusual finds. Her eclectic collection of art and souvenirs are showcased on her picture shelves. Instead of mounting framed images on the walls, the owner can indulge in her love of changing displays by having these photos and art on the shelves, thus turning quirky ephemera are elevated into items of artistic value.

Low-slung furniture ensure this living room does not become too visually cluttered—the picture walls still remain a key focal point. The wooden plantation-style shutters and the dappled light that filters into the space bring warmth to the visual mix. Exposed conduits, the polished concrete floor and steel industrial details enhance the sense of this space being a refuge.

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2. Verdant frame

More and more, we’re looking for pockets of calm and quiet contemplation. This pool pavilion is constructed entirely of wood and offers just that: a space to marvel at the beauty of nature.

The composition of the garden here is as important as the interior design. An oversized picture window lets in lush views, while the minimalist Scandi-chic seats encourage you to pause and take respite. Natural unfinished timber and hand-hewn textures extend the notion of communing with nature. The hand-painted sideboard adds a dose of fun and gives the space a personal touch.

3. Grey matters

There’s no doubt that grey is the new neutral for interiors. It’s a shade that plays beautifully with so many colours and decor styles, be they contemporary or vintage-inspired. This urban space is given a dose of sophistication thanks to the liberal use of grey, from the painted walls and floors to the upholstery fabric. A gallery wall featuring botanical themed designs and photographs of various sizes, coupled with vintage furniture and a bicycle, completes this visually pleasing arrangement.

In this space, different tones of grey come together to create a cocooning effect. Here, the grey wall creates a sense of drama without being overwhelming. The floor’s pale hue is ideal as it ensures the contrast in tones isn’t too stark. Paired with vintage furnishings, the L-shaped sofa is also the perfect solution for a small space, while anchoring an interior that suits the millennial owner’s lifestyle perfectly.

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4. Urban garden

Not since the seventies have houseplants been so big, and why not? Studies show caring for plants can be as rewarding as loving a pet—they’re relatively easy to maintain, act as living decor and purify the air around us. Growing plants, edible or otherwise, can be infinitely gratifying, and they give you a chance to connect with nature no matter how big or small your space is.

This bedroom is all about bringing the outdoors in. A flowering tree is a sculptural anchor, while the suspended swinging bench brings a touch of whimsy to this space. A previously unloved courtyard is transformed into a hardworking kitchen and garden. Open to the elements, it receives its due of sunlight and rain, yet is easily accessible from the kitchen as a delightful green nook.

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5. Stone works

Perfect in its imperfection, polished cement perfectly suits spaces that embrace modernism and minimalism. This spacious bathroom is awash in natural grey tones, ranging from the floor and countertops to the charcoal tiles used as definition.

High-shine cement gives this space a subtle sophistication, while the integrated countertops add a highly practical edge by providing storage. Hand-woven fabrics collected from around the world lend pops of colour and break up the monochromatic palette. The quartz bathtub and the built-in polished cement bench form the focal point of this modern oasis.

By placing the bathtub and a concrete bench away from the wall and on a plinth, the daily bathing routine is now elevated to an indulgent event to look forward to.

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