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Geometric designs and customisable features are the hallmarks of these choice selections from lighting purveyor Sol Luminaire

The importance of lighting in a home cannot be overstated. In addition to providing illumination, light fixtures have the ability to influence the ambience of a space, depending on the colour temperature of your lighting and style of accent lamps that you use.

Check out these new collections from homegrown firm Sol Luminaire’s in-house architectural lighting brand, Aeon. Available at its Galerie 5 showroom, which will help enliven your home design.  

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1. Aeon Gypsum Globe

A well-designed product balances aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. This is encapsulated in Sol Luminarie’s Aeon Gypsum Globe collection. While the concave facade of these transformative fixtures adds a unique touch to a home, the shape also serves to reduce the glare produced by the lights when it’s just been switched on.

The innovative Gypsum Globe collection draws on the familiarity of the curvaceous ceiling-mounted “boob” lamp common in the ’70s, adding an architectural appeal to its design. Each Gypsum kit can also be customised to match your desired paint colours once installed, giving it a seamless and unified aesthetic.

These lighting pieces also feature the brand’s signature app-enabled dim-to-warm function, allowing users to easily create a cosy setting perfect for hosting intimate gatherings or spending quality time with loved ones.  

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2. Aeon Isa V3 Tunable White

By offering a wide colour temperature range of 2700K to 5000K, homeowners are afforded the luxury to craft the perfect scene-setting of their choosing with the Isa V3 Tunable White. The ceiling light is compatible with the Tuya Smart App for remote access control. It is also integrated with Google Nest and Amazon Alexa, meaning that switching on the lights in your home will be as easy as saying, “Hello Google/Alexa”. 

Homeowners who have a hard time with their Circadian Rhythm can also capitalise on the flexibility of colour temperature to properly realign their sleep-wake pattern. Providing illumination for the home while promoting mental and physical well-being? We’re sold.  

3. Aeon Isa V3 Mini

Don’t let its size fool you, for the Isa V3 Mini packs a real punch. Belying its minute 50mm size, it boasts incredible lighting prowess with a wattage of 6W alongside a variety of dim-to-warm functions. A key characteristic of the Isa V3 Mini is the 24° focal beam angle, which affords homeowners the opportunity to imbue their homes with a gallery-like look and feel. The beam angle serves up plenty of dramatic flair via shadowplay effects to visually enhance the depth of a space.  

Aesthetically, the Isa V3 Mini seamlessly blends in with the ceiling line, resulting in spaces beautifully shaped by atmosphere and emotion. The product kit also comes with interchangeable funnels and recess kits that allow for the creation of a multitude of styles and functions; perfect for the design-savvy homeowner who’s always on the lookout to switch up the look and feel of their interiors. 

4. Aeon Cube Bollard and Carra S10 outdoor lamps

Oftentimes, the mere understanding that outdoor spaces are primarily illuminated by natural light makes us forget that there need to be proper light fixtures installed within these zones. However, this approach may leave you fumbling in the dark at night. 
Enter the Cube Bollard and the Carra S10. These floor-mounted luminaires feature a minimalist geometric design that adds a modern design quality to any outdoor space. In addition, both products have beam angles that can be adjusted according to the selected landscape, allowing you to illuminate selected focal points in just the right way.  
Now, it is perfectly understandable if you harbour concerns about how inclement weather would affect these outdoor light fixtures, though Sol Luminaire’s in-house development team is here to put these fears to rest. Tested in accordance with global standards of impact and weather resistance, the outdoor line has been proven to be able to accommodate Singapore’s weather conditions.  

These lighting collections are available at Sol Luminarie’s Galerie 5 showroom in Singapore at 50 Craig Road.

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