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Longing for some architectural inspiration? Or simply miss looking back on happy times in Japan? Either way, check out some of these awe-inspiring destinations in one of our most favourite countries

Japan has always been known as a land of innovation. From talking toilets to awe-inspiring edifices, this country has found a way to inspire us in everyday life. If you're missing the Land of the Rising Sun, check out some of their most iconic marvels for some inspiration. 

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1. Tokyo Skytree

Located at the heart of Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree was once recognised as the world's tallest tower at a height of 634 metres. It was granted recognition by the Guinness World Records in 2011. Depending on the weather, visitors may even glimpse Mt Fuji from the Tembo Galleria 400 metres from the ground. 


2. Great Buddha of Todaiji

Visitors to Nara usually find themselves face to face with the Great Buddha, a 15-metre tall statue gilt bronze statue of Vairocana (also among the largest in the world). The hall finds itself in is also the largest wooden structure in the world—two records in one! 

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3. Namba Parks

A shopping mall in Osaka, Namba Parks integrates nature and recreation into an impressive complex that finds greenery amid the cosmopolitan. It stands at the former site of the Osaka Baseball Park; today, Namba Parks is surrounded by both residential buildings and commercial spaces perfect for the young Japanese urbanite. 

4. Kinkakuji Temple

The Golden Pavilion, known in Japanese as the Kinkakuji is a Zen temple located in Kyoto with two floors entirely covered in gold leaf. It has a rich history and is built overlooking a large pond. It is a fantastic example of more traditional Japanese architecture, though in fact it has been burnt down a handful of times before being restored in 1955. 


5. Tokyo Mode Gakuen

Completed in 2008, the Tokyo Mode Gakuen is colloquially known as Cocoon Tower. It is the 24th tallest building in Tokyo and boasts an impressive, futuristic design that industrialises the humble cocoon with white aluminium beams entangled across blue-coloured windows. It currently houses the Gakuen Fashion School. 

6. De Beers Building

A stroll through Ginza will likely lead you to the De Beers Building. This curving building was shaped to resemble "a twisting form of light in motion" and was designed by Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects.

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7. Himeji Castle

A list of architectural marvels around Japan would simply not be complete without one of the many beautiful castles that the country is known for. Himeji Castle is among the most impressive due to the quality of its preservation, as well as its ingenious defence systems that date back to the Shogun era. Comprising of 83 buildings, Himeji Castle is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

8. Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building is a distinctive high-rise building that consists of two towers connected by a "Floating Garden Observatory". It has over thirty floors, an open-air deck, and multiple office spaces. At 173 metres tall, it is among the most impressive edifices in Osaka. 

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