The facts and figures to know about the young talents representing Southeast Asia on our list this year

We are exactly two weeks from the launch of the Gen.T List 2022.

Last week, we revealed some interesting facts about the 300 young leaders from around Asia making up our list. So let's look more closely at the stats around the honourees from the Southeast Asia region, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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More than half of the 300 honourees on this year's Gen.T List are either born, based or making a positive impact in Southeast Asia.

Tatler Asia
Sabrina Ooi
Above Sabrina Ooi, a 2021 Gen.T honouree
Tatler Asia
Somsak Boonkam
Above Somsak Boonkam, a 2021 Gen.T honouree


The number of 2022 honourees who own the company they run. 


Of the 16 unicorn companies on the 2022 list, five of them are run by honourees from Southeast Asia.


The percentage of female honourees from the Philippines on this year's list—the highest proportion among our eight markets.

Tatler Asia
Daiyan Trisha, a 2021 Gen.T honouree
Above Daiyan Trisha, a 2021 Gen.T honouree

US$2.4 billion

The total amount of disclosed funding companies helmed by this year’s Southeast Asia honourees attracted between January 2021 and June 2022—the window of time we assess when looking at a candidate’s credentials.


The number of names on our longlist for Southeast Asia before we whittled down the list to the most promising names from the five markets.

The Gen.T List 2022 is sponsored by Credit Suisse.

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