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Maxine Ngooi, who also worked in the kitchens of Tarte by Cheryl Koh and Joël Robuchon Restaurant, offers a uniquely inspired range of sweet and savoury bakes

When Vianney Massot Restaurant shuttered for good under the strain of the pandemic, a window of opportunity opened for its former head pastry chef Maxine Ngooi, who recently launched her online pastry shop, Tigerlily Patisserie. 

“I always knew I wanted to open a dessert-centric concept,” enthuses the 28-year-old chef, who earned her stripes in the kitchens of Tarte by Cheryl Koh and Joël Robuchon Restaurant in Singapore. And with the growing “interest in baked goods and desserts, especially for takeaway and delivery”, she jumped at the chance to collaborate with the Ebb & Flow Group to realise her dream.

At Tigerlily Patisserie, Ngooi aims to showcase seasonal ingredients and playful pairings in her concise menu divided into sweets and savouries. These flavours are inspired by aspects of her life—from what she enjoys eating to all the different experiences she’s had.


In fact, she came up with the chocolate babka and fruit galette a while back at Vianney Massot Restaurant, when she was trying out new desserts and pastries served at staff meals. “These two really stood out,” she admits, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made a comeback in her Sweet Box.

Made with chocolate lovers in mind, the babka features brioche dough that's braided with decadent Guanaja 70 per cent dark chocolate, while the fruit galette comprises in-season fruits atop a crunchy buckwheat shortcrust pastry. The Sweet Box of four also includes a hybrid maple pecan cruffin, stuffed with a sweet maple cream and homemade pecan praline, as well as the Mochie Blondie, topped with macadamia nuts.

The Savoury box is filled with delicious eats perfect for breakfast or even an afternoon snack. These include a rosemary focaccia crowed with olives, caramelised tomatoes and confit pearl onions; a vegetable tart that’s also depended on the season’s bounty; and a flavour-packed mushroom bacon quiche with caramelised onions. For something with an obvious Asian-inspired spin, she has tossed in a curry sausage roll ensconced in a flaky puff pastry, which takes cues from the Peranakan-style curried pork sausage, .

“We are a small team that operates out of a dark kitchen on HongKong street,” Ngooi notes, which means they can only prepare a limited number of boxes a day. They are already planning to increase their production capacity, and are also looking to expand their menu to include “a la carte items, entremets and celebration cakes”, while maintaining top-notch quality, of course.

With all the love they have gotten in just a short span of time, fans might be able to join a physical queue for Tigerlily Patisserie's bakes in the future. Ngooi shares: “I’d definitely like to open a physical shop, and this is definitely in the works.” Until then, gourmands will have to keep trying their luck in getting their hands on these precious—and often sold out—bakes. Click here to order. 

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