Cover Good Meat dishes for delivery

Good Meat has also partnered with Madame Fan to offer cultured meat dishes for delivery and for dine-in (when it’s allowed) at certain days of the week

Eat Just subsidiary Good Meat, which produces cultured meat from animal cells instead of slaughtered livestock, announced recently that it has secured a $170M ($S226M) funding to ramp up its ‘meat’ production.

The news comes on the heels of another historic moment in the F&B landscape. Cantonese restaurant Madame Fan at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach has partnered with Good Meat to become the first establishment in the world to use cultured meat instead of conventional meat during set times.

“As part of a global organisation aimed to cut food wastage, partnering with a purposeful company such as Good Meat was the perfect collaboration to support our ‘Source Responsibly’ efforts while we continue to deliver exceptional culinary experiences,” enthused Marco Pedrelli, the hotel’s director of food & beverage.

That said, the culinary team has whipped up delectable dishes such as Asian-inspired chicken salad, steamed chicken dumplings and chicken vegetable stir-fry, which are now available for delivery on Thursdays. As soon as dine-in is allowed, the team will be serving them in the restaurant once a week.

With regard to the decision to use cultured meat, the JW Marriott team mentioned that it was based on a recent survey where two-thirds of the participants revealed they were open to substituting real meat with cultured meat. Moreover, the majority of the restaurant operators also envisioned a future where cultured meat will be the protein of choice in the next 10 years.

 Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick shared that this investment and JW Marriott’s bold decision to use Good Meat shows what lies ahead in the F&B landscape—meat without killing animals will replace real meat at some point in our lifetime. He added: “The faster we make that happen, the healthier our planet will be.”

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