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The $1 million fund will be used to help brick and mortar establishments to pivot digitally in a seamless manner

We may have come a long way in our fight against Covid-19, but the sad reality is that many F&B businesses will continue to feel its devastating effects until we return to pre-pandemic normal. That’s why it’s heartening to know that Singapore food tech company TiffinLabs has launched a $1 million restaurant relief fund to support brick and mortar establishments adapt to the changing times—and needs of consumers.

Restaurant owners who still follow the traditional dine-in business model only need to sign up as TiffinLabs Partner kitchen without any cost. They’ll be able to tap into the company’s technology and expertise to help them create cloud kitchens to boost delivery menus. This will create parallel income streams with the addition of delivery-optimised brands, and TiffinLabs will assist them with staff productivity, rent and equipment to ensure a seamless transition.

TiffinLabs currently has more than 45 Partner Kitchens in its portfolio, including Boomarang Bistro & Bar. Managing director Martin McGettigan said in a press release that “we have seen an increase of more than SGD 13,000 in sales per month at each location through operating two of TiffinLabs’ digital restaurant brands” without any upfront costs and using the same equipment, labour and utilities.

It’s the same story for TiffinLabs’ Korean-Mexican brand La Takorea, the first digital restaurant created on The Apprentice: One Championship Edition, that is under home-grown F&B group Harry’s.

“We activated La Takorea across 12 outlets within just four weeks. Partnering with TiffinLabs has helped to increase our online delivery sales and we are excited to explore more TiffinLabs brands across our locations,” explained Stanley Chiang, sales & marketing manager of Harry’s International.

These are commendable success stories during these tough times. And TiffinLabs co-founder Phuminant Tantiprasongchai hopes it will inspire more businesses to begin the digital transition. “In a spirit of solidarity, we’re proud to launch TiffinLabs’ inaugural restaurant relief fund, to help our hard-hit industry adapt to a time of increased deliveries and self-pick-ups.”

Interested restaurants may sign up here or email