The Envoy

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Mon – Thu 12:00-01:00
Fri – Sat 12:00-02:00
Sun 12:00-01:00

A new bar in the belly of The Pottinger Hotel offers quiet respite from the chaos of Central

Tatler Says

From the creators of Angel’s Share, Quinary, and Origin comes their most lavish bar project yet. The team consisting of Charlene Dawes and Antonio Lai have once again lent their eyes and palates to crafting an attractive drinking spot in the centre of town, with an arresting cocktail menu. The Envoy is the latest to join the portfolio, a handsome yet feminine bar with a breezy outdoor terrace and elegant nooks in which to while away an evening.


The interiors are very, very slick – heavy marble, tufted sofas and woods feature throughout the L-shaped room, pops of personality provided by striped fabrics and whimsical animal portraiture. The drinks list offers plenty of amusing libations; there are plenty of tea-inspired cocktails that seem to be a nod towards the mixture of Hong Kong heritage and British colonial history found in the hotel, and the presentation of the drinks are always a surprise. Our charming waiter recommends the quirky True Blood #2, a beetroot, cranberry and ginseng concoction (after asking us if we like detoxing), which is served in a hospital-style blood bag. We’re given a straw and a glass of ice; the flavour of the drink does change depending on whether we drink straight from the bag or have it over the rocks.


We’re also delighted by the look of the award-winning Honey Me Honey Tea, one of the bar’s signature drinks, which is served in a bird-shaped glass with a rolled up message (“To a great mind, nothing is little” says ours). But the drink portion is mean (especially considering its HK$130 price tag), and the titular honey sweetness dominates all other elements of the cocktail. While it may take some time before we hit on our perfect drink hidden in the lengthy list, we wouldn’t mind giving this pretty spot another chance.