Cover Tengku Asaad, Rahayu Permatasari and their two-year-old son (Photo: Katelyn Tan)

Meet Tengku Asaad and Rahayu Permatasari, who started making bone broth to solve their two-year-old son’s selective eating, and now ship jars of their nutritious broth all over Kuala Lumpur

The first thing that hits me as I walk into the couple's apartment is the rich aroma of freshly brewed bone broth. This is only natural, as married couple Tengku Asaad and Rahayu Permatasari slow cook their nourishing bone broth for anywhere between 24 to 48 hours each day. With an abundance of organic produce laid out on a marble counter in their kitchen, Asaad takes me through the process of how the broth is made, from laboriously slicing the vegetables and seasoning the stew to finally simmering the liquid gold in titanium pots. There’s no hesitation in his method; he has the procedure down to an art. The couple don matching aprons, creatively titled 'Mrs Broth' and 'Broth Master'.

'Broth Master' Asaad walks me through their journey in the following interview:

How did you meet and what are some of your shared interests? 

Ayu and I randomly met at a café. I approached Ayu and asked for her number. She had just transferred from London to KL for work, but wasn’t really enjoying her job, so she tendered her resignation. Six years later, we’re married, have a two-year-old boy, and are selling bone broth out of our apartment in KL. We share a love of food and travel: Ayu and I are always on the lookout for new restaurants and recipes to try. 

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Bone broth isn't just for picky eaters and children, but for adults too.
Tengku Asaad, home cook and co-founder of The Daily Broth

How did The Daily Broth start? 

Our son is the very definition of a "picky eater"—there was a stage where he would only eat chicken rice for every meal. Ayu researched various solutions for this until we came across the benefits of bone broth, which isn't just for picky eaters and children, but for adults too. We developed our bone broth recipe and substituted the soup from chicken rice with bone broth, which our son loved. We then shared it with our friends who have children, and others with autoimmune issues, and they loved it too. We started getting orders from friends and from that point onwards, decided to sell our bone broth as a hobby.

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What are the health benefits of bone broth? 

Bone broth is highly nutritious and is known to heal your gut, support a healthy immune system and restore broken tissue.

The gut is really where it all begins—it can affect your mind, mood, health and mental state.

But as good as bone broth is, preparing and cooking it the wrong way can result in a toxic broth, which immediately eliminates its benefits.

What are some ingredients that go into your bone broth?

Our ingredients include organic vegetables such as celery, carrots, garlic, ginger and mushrooms, plus organic chicken or pasture-fed beef bones. We use 316Ti pots for slow cooking the broth at a controlled temperature, which allows us to keep all the nutrients intact.

What does a day of cooking bone broth look like?  

Pots from the previous day are removed from the stove in the morning, and then the broth is kept in the chiller to allow it to cool down.

A full day’s work begins with cleaning and preparing the meat, bones and vegetables before simmering the broth for 24 to 48 hours. During this time, the glass jars are washed, sanitised and readied for label placement. Once the broth from the previous cook is cooled, it is poured into glass jars and packaged for delivery. The broth is then shipped out for delivery the very next morning. The entire process takes us a whole day, especially since we have to take orders and answer customer queries throughout the day.

Who does The Daily Broth cater for? 

We created this bone broth recipe for our child with his nourishment in mind. It has come a long way since. Our product is now catered towards cancer patients, those suffering from autoimmune issues, pregnant women looking to keep healthy, mothers in post-natal recovery, picky eaters, and those who simply want to boost their immunity and well-being.

What is your vision for The Daily Broth in the future?

We call ourselves The Daily Broth for the very reason that bone broth can and should be consumed on a daily basis. It’s natural, nutritious and flexible—you can consume it as it is, cook with it, or add to it to make a more fulfilling meal. It’s a convenient cooking tool to have in your kitchen and can be consumed in many different ways. Our vision is to spread this message, grow the broth culture and promote the use of bone broth, a natural remedy in our everyday life. To do that, we'll have to reach more people in our country. We're still a little MCO baby born in this COVID-19 pandemic, learning how to crawl, though we aspire to reach all of Malaysia's doorsteps one day.

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