Cover Mitsuhiro Araki in front of his new Hong Kong restaurant (Photo: Jensen Hoi/T.Dining)

Mitsuhiro Araki is bringing his premium omakase restaurant to one of Hong Kong’s most iconic locations this winter

Mitsuhiro Araki, one of the world’s most revered sushi chefs, has set his sights on Hong Kong. We can exclusively reveal that The Araki will be opening in the historic House 1881, in the space previously occupied by the old Stables Grill.

Araki carved out a name for himself with Edomae, his sushi bar in Ginza, Tokyo, and made international headlines when he closed it down and moved to London to open The Araki in 2013. It quickly became known as the capital’s most expensive restaurant with the omakase priced at £310 per person without drinks or service, but also as one of the finest sushi restaurants in town—Tatler magazine named it the best Japanese restaurant in London in 2016 and it received its first Michelin star that year. The Araki earned its third Michelin star in 2018, making Araki the only Japanese chef in the world to represent restaurants in both Tokyo and London to be given this highest distinction.

In 2019 Araki announced that the would be leaving the restaurant in the safe hands of his deputy, Marty Lau, and returned to Japan. Little was known about his plans until earlier this autumn when it was announced that Araki would be opening a new venue in Hong Kong.

What can you expect from The Araki in Hong Kong? It will not deviate too far from Araki’s known reputation for precision-led omakase, where up to 12 guests at a time will be able to experience—up close and personal—the work of a culinary master while sat at the impressive counter made from centuries-old wood. At The Araki, the experience is purely focused on Edomae-style sushi made with the freshest local seafood.

Interestingly, Araki has always been somewhat of a maverick—in London, he insisted on making use of the local catches, such as Cornish squid and langoustine, and wanted to debunk the notion that only Japanese chefs could become sushi masters. In Hong Kong, we can hope to expect that he will do the same thing by supporting local ingredients and homegrown talent. 

In addition, T.Dining will be collaborating with Araki for a very special experience in November. Stay tuned for updates! 

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Above Araki in his new Hong Kong kitchen (Photo: Jensen Hoi/T.Dining)
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