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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Mitsuhiro Araki is bringing his premium omakase restaurant to one of Hong Kong’s most iconic locations in November 2019

Tatler Says

Seasoned itamae Mitsuhiro Araki is not one for unnecessary flourishes, and his precision-led omakase experience spotlights local ingredients wherever possible, such as mantis shrimp and abalone. The procession of nigiri is measured and calm, and ends with a classic, perfectly rolled piece of tamago with a distinctly caramelised umami note. It’s a joy to watch Araki tend to the carefully selected fish and vinegared rice. Be warned that the sake list is full of heavy hitters, which adds to the final bill.

Signature Dishes

  • Mitsuhiro Araki's tuna nigiri showcase
  • Edomae sushi incorporating local Hong Kong ingredients
  • Steamed abalone with bird's nest and fish maw

Tatler Tip

Araki’s nigiri is small and very dainty by default, but diners can request for more rice without embarassment.



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