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Sherrine Chua and Chan Yujia were so impressed by their first-hand experience at Bakebe Hong Kong that they brought the concept back to Malaysia

The first of its kind, Bakebe uses digital technology to enhance the conventional baking experience. Using foolproof recipes found on their user-friendly app, customers are able to create high quality, intricately designed baked goods that look like they were made by a professional pastry chef. Every corner of their newly opened studio is an Instagram bait—think floral walls and doughnut backdrops with scented props!.

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Please explain Bakebe's concept and walk us through the process of taking a Bakebe class.
Chan Yujia: Bakebe is a co-baking studio. Each customer is provided with an iPad and required to choose a recipe from our app.  
Sherrine Chua: Once the customer has registered and selected a recipe, we will show them to their station, where they will use one of our iPads to assist them in following the recipe. The iPad app has the whole process laid out step-by-step, from collecting ingredients from our shelves to baking the dessert. If customers have any questions, baking assistants are on standby to help.
CY: Our recipes are differentiated by difficulty levels. The harder the recipe, the longer it will take, the longest being three hours. 
SC: Levels one and two includes desserts such as crème brûlée, cupcakes and cookies. Level three and above see the likes of cakes, macarons and seasonal mooncakes.

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Who is Bakebe's intended audience?
SC: We encourage bakers with no experience to try their hand. The whole experience is not just about learning but bonding too; you can also share the dessert with another person or bake as a family.
CY: We also cater to private events, such as bridal showers and corporate team building sessions. During such events, we will close off the VIP section.

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What inspired you to bring this concept from Hong Kong to Malaysia?
SC: We actually went all the way to Hong Kong to experience Bakebe and wanted to bring it back as we felt it really suits everyone. Many families may not have a proper kitchen, and buying equipment is expensive. We not only provide all this, but also clean up afterwards, allowing customers to have all the fun.
CY: I’m a dessert lover and I really cherish baking with my children. We have so much flexibility in our studio and I feel this concept is what many people want.

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What are your roles at Bakebe? 
SC: Yujia’s specialities include managing Bakebe's Instagram account and making our customers feel comfortable. I handle enquiries, events and customer service.

Tell us more about your recipes at Bakebe.
CY: There are a few hundred recipes at Bakebe Hong Kong, the main franchise. In Malaysia, there are now 30 recipes on our menu, which will grow over time.
SC: During the recent mooncake festival, we launched a mooncake recipe which many customers chose. We will come up with new recipes depending on the seasons, so stay tuned.
CY: If customers have allergies or dietary restrictions, we can advise them on which recipes to pick or prepare ingredient replacements. All our ingredients are pork- and alcohol-free.

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What are some benefits to visiting Bakebe instead of the usual cooking studio or baking at home?
SC: Nowadays, everyone is so used to using their phones. Using an app to guide bakers, we can make learning how to bake so much more effective while catering to all skill levels.
CY: If you were to bake at home following a recipe video on YouTube, there would be no one to assist you if you have difficulties, whereas our baking assistants are able to provide support when needed.
SC: As a studio, we also offer flexibility. There are no fixed timings or fixed recipes for each session; customers are able to choose the timing and recipe that suits them, and we will able to slot them in as long as we have spaces available.

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