Cover The all-female team behind the Good Food Trio Company: Yuen Yin Sze-To, Lissa Yeoh & Way Cheng Yeoh (Photo: Good Food Trio Company)

Yuen Yin Sze-To, Lissa Yeoh & Way Cheng Yeoh form the all-female team behind Good Food Trio Company, a restaurant group that has fed discerning customers for over two decades. These are the restaurateurs' takeaway & delivery recommendations:

The Daily Grind

"The Daily Grind is all about satisfying cravings. We serve the kind of food that just hits the spot. One of my favourite dishes is the juicy, flavourful meatloaf that is pan-fried and served with creamy mash, onions rings and gravy. What's not to like?

I also highly recommend the Japanese Yodel Burger. Like the meatloaf, it has all textures covered. Think a meaty patty, soft buns, crispy fried Portobello mushrooms, and a smooth, creamy cheese fondue."

These two dishes are like a hug on a plate.

— Way Cheng Yeoh

La Risata

"My two favourite dishes from La Risata? That's a difficult one because there's just so much to choose from! We have an extensive list of pizzas, family favourites and Italian classics.

However, my first pick would be the Spaghetti Alla Risata, which is also the most popular pasta dish at La Risata. Mixed seafood is braised in a tomato sauce and baked together with the spaghetti to bring all the flavors together for that umami factor.

My second favourite would be the Grilled Ribeye with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce."

I love dipping thick slices of the medium rare rib-eye into the creamy sauce. It's like my own little fondue party."

— Lissa Yeoh

Bijan Bar & Restaurant

"When it comes to local cuisine, you’ve not really tasted Malay food until you’ve tried rendang. There are numerous ways to prepare this delectable dish, but at Bijan we serve Perak-style Rendang Tok. This very dark and dry beef dish incorporates an extensive list of ingredients including dry-fried coconut flesh. This gives it an extra 'lemak' taste and it is best eaten with rice, lemang and ketupat.

Rendang Tok is believed to have been created by royal cooks with the means to acquire spices that were out of reach for normal folk in the olden days.

If ordering from Bijan, also try the Gulai Lemak Ikan Kurau with Pisang Kapas, which is reminiscent of Minang-style masak lemak, a Negeri Sembilan favourite. Ikan Kurau is essentially threadfin fish with a mild and chewy texture. We cook the fish in lightly-spiced coconut milk and young bananas, creating a delicately balanced dish."

— Yuen Yin Sze-To

Bijan Bar & Restaurant

Kuala Lumpur City Centre
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