While badly-behaved customers are rife in the restaurant industry, small gestures of gratitude go a long way

She Created Artwork Of Our Signature Dishes

Regulars at Kikubari may have noticed a framed picture of the restaurant's signature Wagyu katsu on a wall next to the entrance. As it appears, its provenance is tied to one of Kikubari's regular patrons.

"One of our Hong Kong-based customers is a really nice, really sweet artist who dines here on and off," explains Jun Wong, executive chef of Kikubari. "She enjoys illustrating food and showing the sketch and the actual dish side by side. For our Wagyu katsu, she blew up the image and then framed it for us, because I think the dish is pretty iconic. She even superimposed Kikubari’s logo onto the picture. Besides that, she created a stack of postcards depicting our different dishes, including our cold capellini."

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One Guest Made A Home-Cooked Meal For Me

As Nadodi's executive chef Sricharan Venkatesh will tell you, "It's always nice to receive personal thank you messages. Some guests even come to the kitchen to thank the cooks and to request photographs, which always motivates us."
Even rarer is the customer who insists on cooking for the chef: "We had this guest who cooked a meal for me at their home," he recalls fondly.

But the best way to show your support for your favourite restaurant is plain and simple, which is to dine there often: "The nicest thing is when our customers come back. In fact, our percentage of return customers is pretty good. We've had guests dine here more than five times a month."

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Customers Who Cooperate In Helping Us Help Them

Everyone wants to be feted and fed well when dining out, but guests should also conduct their own research and take responsibility for their own dining experiences.

"I really appreciate our cooperative guests," says Miki Lie (second from right, squatting), who oversees Gooddam's front of house and operations. "Some of them have many special requests, but make sure to inform us ahead of time while being clear about the arrangements. Only then can we can do our best to accommodate their needs."

While negative stereotypes revolve around the rich and the famous, Lie reveals that some of their most considerate customers are VIPs and Datuks.

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