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For days when your go-to pasta recipe just won’t cut it, check out these Youtube channels for inspired vegan and vegetarian recipes that will deliciously shake up your routine

Whether you’re on a full-fledged plant-based diet or simply looking for ways to reduce your meat consumption, these vegan and vegetarian Youtube channels are here to help. From quick weeknight recipes to extravagant meal ideas, these seasoned home cooks are eager to share their tips and tricks. Discover your next kitchen saviour below:

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Pick Up Limes

Sadia started the Pick Up Limes blog way back in 2014, at the cusp of her transition to a vegan diet. Now, the dietitian has made it her mission to make the transition more accessible to anyone seeking to make the lifestyle change themselves - and with her entertaining, easy-to-follow recipe videos, she’s certainly doing her part.

Great for: delicious recipes that save time and money, but don’t hold back on flavour.

Tatler tip: sign up to the Pick Up Limes newsletter for great resources like a comprehensive pantry essentials checklist, a guide to plant-based protein sources, and thoughtful articles on mindfulness and wellbeing.

Check out the channel here.

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Deliciously Ella

Perhaps one of the best-known plant-based bloggers out there, Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella now has six best-selling cookbooks, a wellness app, podcast, restaurant, and many more outlets that celebrate the vegan lifestyle. If, like me, you prefer to watch a cook-along video before diving into a recipe, check out the Deliciously Ella Youtube channel for a visual guide to her cookbook recipes and more.

Great for: impressive sweet and savoury plant-based recipes to get you out of your comfort zone.

Check out the channel here.

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Cookie + Kate

Although I don’t practice a plant-based diet myself, I regularly cook up some of Cookie + Kate’s vegetarian dishes. Why? They’re healthy, creative, and consistently tasty. Kate’s homemade vegetarian chilli is flavourful and smokey, easy to prepare, and keeps well in the freezer - the ideal make-ahead meal. Top it off with cheese or sour cream, or keep it vegan and add lime or cilantro to brighten it up. Enjoy on its own or serve with tortilla chips, bread, or over some baked potatoes and you’re good to go.

Great for: quick, minute-long videos for delicious vegetarian recipes that are sure to win over even the most passionate meat-eaters.

Check out the channel here.

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Minimalist Baker

Don’t let the name fool you - the dishes from Minimalist Baker are packed full of flavour, featuring sweet and savoury recipes for every occasion. Although their recipes are not exclusively plant-based, the majority of their recipes are vegan or vegetarian, so you’ll easily find a wealth of meal ideas.

Great for: recipes that teach you how to make the building blocks of plant-based dishes - create your own red curry paste, pizza sauce, coconut yoghurt, and more!

Tatler Tip: whip up Minimalist Baker’s unbelievably easy and wonderfully potent red curry paste, then use it in this recipe for Thai red curry noodle soup with crispy tofu from Pick Up Limes - you won't be sorry.

Check out the channel here.

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Maddie Lymburner

Maddie Lymburner is well-known for her fitness channel MadFit, where she guides viewers through challenging yet straightforward home-friendly workouts. However, she has also published vlogs on her personal channel, which often centre around what she eats as a vegan fitness influencer.

Great for: plant-based recipes as well as pre and post-workout meal ideas to complement your fitness journey.

Check out the channel here.

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Avant-Garde Vegan

From a young age, Gaz Oakley was passionate about both cooking and sports, pushing himself both on the rugby pitch and in the restaurant kitchens of Cardiff, Wales. After some time off from his culinary career, Gaz shares “I started weight training and wanted to bulk up to play rugby again, so was eating masses of food – a traditional bodybuilders diet. Little did I know this was later going to turn me vegan”. Between his blog, cookbook, and Youtube channel, the Avant-Garde Vegan shares some of his favourite vegan-friendly recipes.

Great for: high-protein plant-based recipes and meal prep ideas.

Check out the channel here.

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Peaceful Cuisine

Peaceful Cuisine truly lives up to its name. Ryoya Takashima’s relaxing cooking videos are all vegan-friendly, championing the lifestyle as “one of the key methods in bringing about world peace as we all strive for [the] pursuit of happiness.” The Kyoto-based Youtuber has a wide-ranging portfolio of recipes, including creative desserts like orange mocha scones and matcha-adzuki twisted bread, as well as incredible savoury dishes like takoyaki and pad thai.

Great for: creative vegan recipes (especially from Asian cuisines) shared through artfully minimalist videos.

Check out the channel here.

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