Thinking of going meat-free this Vesak Day? Here are some restaurants that offer delicious and healthy meals

This story was originally published on May 25, 2021, and updated on May 12, 2022.

Vesak Day falls on May 15, and Buddhists around the world are preparing to celebrate the incredible life of Buddha. It is also the day that many Buddhists typically abstain from eating meat in order to reduce the number of animals that have to be killed for food.

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This year, now that Singapore has loosened its restrictions, we can finally dine out again with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. 

If you are planning to go vegetarian or vegan for this holiday, here are some plant-based restaurants and cafes that offer delicious meals for even the most ardent meat-lover.

1. Analogue Initiative

Analogue Initiative is a bar and restaurant that specialises in delectable plant-based and nutrient-dense meals, and non-alcoholic cocktails that use healthy and natural ingredients.

You can enjoy treats such as jackfruit tacos, mushroom ceviche, plant-based nuggets and pumpkin dumplings that are so good even meat-lovers will be converted. 

Analogue, 30 Victoria Street, #01-31 Chijmes, Singapore 187996, +65 8518 1882,

2. Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli

Pano Kato is a Greek Mediterranean restaurant located inside the House of Anli, which is a furniture store. While it serves meat dishes, there is also a huge variety of vegan or vegetarian offerings that are clearly marked out on the menu, so there is no confusion.

Try out its creamy vegetarian burrata or house-made vegetarian dips for a fantastic appetiser. Then, move on to the sumptuous mains such as the crispy Greek quiche and grilled halloumi.

Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli, 163, #02-23 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Mall, 247933, +65 65930387

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3. The Living Cafe

Tucked away in the middle of Bukit Timah is the Living Cafe, a cosy space that specialises in organic produce that is free from preservatives, refined sugar, dairy or red meat. The owners firmly believe in health and well-being, which makes this a perfect spot to have your Vesak Day feast.

For a hearty and wholesome meal, check out their creamy vegan dahl with sweet potato and curry leaf coconut chutney. If you prefer to eat cleaner, go for the tempeh Buddha bowl loaded with sweet potato, crunchy purple cabbage, avocado and housemade kimchi. 

The Living Cafe, 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758, +65 97359404

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4. Little Farms

Little Farms is known for being part grocery store and part cafe. The chefs use fresh produce and all-natural ingredients in all their dishes, and offer an extensive menu of vegetarian and vegan creations.

Check out their crunchy and healthy tempeh salads or their vegetarian baked beans for a tasty treat over the public holiday.

Little Farms, 451 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, Singapore 427664, +65 6797 8771

5. Afterglow

Afterglow is a quiet and peaceful cafe that serves an entirely plant-based menu. Its food is free from refined sugar, eggs, artificial sweeteners and dairy and the culinary team makes almost everything from scratch. 

This Vesak Day, stay healthy by enjoying some of their delicious meals such as the crunchy avocado kimchi rolls and lentil flaxseed nuggets. If you want more, their cauliflower steak with sweet potato mash will hit the spot. 

Afterglow is also famous for its delicious and healthy desserts, such as acai bowls and raw 'cheese' cakes. Make sure you grab one while you're there.

Afterglow, 4 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131, +65 6224 8921

6. Real Food

Just like its name suggests, Real Food is all about providing its consumers with real food that is vegan and gluten-free.

Try its sweet pumpkin pancakes, which come with mashed organic pumpkin, seasonal fruits and a berry coulis for a sweet treat in the morning.

If you are looking for something more savoury, the scrambled tofu with broccoli comes with gluten-free sourdough toast and is the perfect meal to complete your day. 

Real Food, 26 Beach Rd, #B1-19 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768, +65 6384 2206


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