We get a taste of Karl's Lifestyle's seasonal bakkwa in celebration of the Spring Festival

A Chinese New Year staple in every household, bakkwa is reminiscent of beef jerky but the dried meat's sweet and salty tasting notes and unique smokiness is in a league of its own. The local rendition is grilled over charcoal instead of air-dried, the method traditionally employed in China where it originated. Traditionally made with pork, beef or mutton, the snack has evolved to include chicken in Malaysia and Singapore. 

Karl's Lifestyle, which is headed by Beta and Skillet@163's head chef Raymond Tham, recently released a series of artisan bakkwa in conjunction with the festive season. The bakkwa is available in three different flavours: Chicken, Truffle Chicken and Truffle Wagyu. They are grilled over binchotan charcoal and individually packed to retain moisture and freshness before placed inside a reusable gift box with a designer sleeve.

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Tatler Dining Malaysia was given an early preview of the two truffle variations. Read on for our verdict:

Truffle Chicken Bakkwa

Tatler Asia
Truffle Chicken Bakkwa

A much fancier version of the classic chicken bakkwa, it's marinated in homemade blend of spices and infused with truffles. 

Chicken is not usually the protein of choice when it comes to bakkwa for some of us here at Tatler Dining. However, this was a pleasant surprise. Many expected the truffle to be overwhelming but that was not the case. Rather, it adds a pleasing layer to the smokiness of the binchotan.

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Truffle Wagyu Bakkwa

Tatler Asia
Truffle Wagyu Bakkwa
Above Truffle Wagyu Bakkwa

Karl's Lifestyle team has gone all out with this one, combining two of the most luxurious ingredients into what is possibly the most decadent snack of the season.

The quality of the wagyu beef shone through every bite, providing a punch of flavour and fattiness that we seek when indulging in bakkwa. The truffle elevated the simple snack even further. But the overall consensus was that the wagyu was the clear hero. That said, we'd love to see a non-truffle option next festive season.

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