The alternative protein by Singapore-based food tech Next Gen Foods will be available in 11 restaurants across the island on March 18

The next time you crave for chicken, why not try Tindle? It’s the world’s first plant-based chicken developed by food tech Next Gen Foods, which will make its global debut in Singapore on March 18.

Tindle is made with nine non-GMO and non-Novel ingredients such as water, soy, sunflower oil, and coconut fat. It’s free of cholesterol, sugars and trans-fat yet contain 17g of protein per 100g. Moreover, it’s antibiotic- and hormone-free and has been certified by the Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice option with less saturated fat and sodium than other meat alternatives in the market.

Not only is it better for the body, it’s super tasty, too, having been developed with chefs and for chefs.

“We started with chefs because they are arguably the toughest critics,” explains Jean Madden, CMO of Next Gen Foods. That said, the alternative protein recreates what we love about chicken—the taste, mouthful, texture and versatility.

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From Russia With Love, Three Buns
Above From Russia With Love, Three Buns
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The Big Cease, Three Buns
Above The Big Cease, Three Buns

“We’re confident that Tindle is the only plant-based chicken that is versatile enough to be used across a multitude of cuisines and dishes,” adds Madden, so Next Gen Foods partnered with 11 restaurants to offer it on their menus.

Adam Penney, the group executive chef of Three Buns, has created four Tindle dishes including The Big Cease, made with buttermilk fried Tindle fillet slathered with a creamy Caesar sauce and embedded between perfectly-toasted buns. It will be available at their Keong Saik and The Quayside outlets. Working with Tindle, Penney enthused that it was “delicious and extremely easy to work with…and has raised the bar in plant-based foods”.

Other Tindle dishes which will be available in the market include butter Tindle pot pie (Adda), Tindle Chicken Manakish (Levant), Tindle katsu curry (Privé); Tindle chicken strudel (The Market Grill), sesame-crusted lemon Tindle (Empress).

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