Here's how the 130-year-old single malt Scotch whisky brand is keeping up with the times.


We’ve come a long way from how whiskies were first enjoyed, with aficionados and bartenders alike growing more creative in their approach, mixing them with a variety of ingredients and crafting new concoctions that appeal to all generations.

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We also appreciate when stalwarts like Glenfiddich manage to stay relevant. A product of William Grant & Sons, one of the pioneering, family-owned distilleries, the brand may have been established in Scotland in 1887, but some of its new initiatives are smartly innovative.

Case in point: the Glenfiddich Live, a series of curated events launched in May this year, the first of which put the core range—Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, and 18 Year Old—in a new light.

“The initiative was conceptualised with the aim of reinventing the brand into one that is seen as enticing, aspirational, and dynamic by both old and new whisky drinkers,” says Wei Yang Ang, assistant brand manager of Glenfiddich, and The Balvenie.

The first event saw Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Glenfiddich’s regional brand ambassador, and Neil Strachan, The Balvenie’s regional brand ambassador, introduce the Glenfiddich newly-created Highball drinks.

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Guests loved the Szechuan Highball, which featured the 12 YO as the base and accented it with a touch of Szechuan pepper. Other favourites include the Glenfiddich 18 YO Cinnamon, which carried a taste of baked apple and cinnamon, as well as the Glenfiddich 15 YO Anise and Clove, a favourite of Fergusson-Stewart for its fruit and honey flavours.

Beyond these new concoctions, the brand has also made use of technology to capture a youthful spirit with products like the MultiTaction table. Fergusson-Stewart demonstrated how it is used by placing nosing glasses on the table, which displays information such as the history of whiskies and tasting notes. He also showed guests how they could use their fingers—similar to the technology in the film, Minority Report—and keycards to activate videos and other pieces of information.

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