This boutique store at Downtown Gallery is your one-stop-shop for artisanal Italian foods and drinks you won’t find easily find in Singapore

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, a trip to Italy often meant lugging back to Singapore as much Italian food products as your luggage could fit (and yes, the majority are those you won’t easily find in Singapore). But sadly, even if we’ve already entered Phase 3, travelling remains out of the picture while the rest of the world continue to battle the spread of the virus.

Luckily, we have Clessidra, a boutique gourmet store at Downtown Gallery which brings Italy to you through a curated selection of prized food and drinks offerings ranging from pastas and sauces, olive oils to wines little seen outside Italy.

“Our philosophy is to promote the authenticity of these products,” explains Italian native Francesco Pasquetti, who started Clessidra with his wife Emanuela Cattaneo in 2011. Moreover, the duo’s producer partners are run by families who create these gems in a traditional way—hence, in limited batches.

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For example, their I&P extra virgin olive oil was a project started by a retired nuclear engineer and is currently produced in the Canino countryside (upper Tuscia). Their award-winning olive oils are a mix of various monocultivar including the centuries-old Canino varietal, and boast myriad of flavours from spicy to herbaceous that reflect the terroir.

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Italians are famous for their pastas and Clessidra carries the Mulino Val d’Orcia; it’s crafted with time-honoured traditions that make use stone-milled flour as well as ancient grains such as Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and Verna soft wheat. It’s healthier, too, as it has a higher fibre and mineral content than the industrially-produced variety.

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Serving as the perfect accompaniment to these pastas are the sauces, and there’s a wide selection to choose from here. A popular option due to its sweet and juicy flavours is the Pomodoro Fiaschetto (Fiaschetto tomato), hailing from the protected area of Torre Guaceto. It comes from the Pietrasanta farm that’s run by a family who ensures the tomatoes are harvested and packaged within a few hours after picking to ensure their freshness.

In keeping with the times, Clessidra has also launched its online gourmet store that allows you to do tour grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home. Order here.

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