We speak to Crème De La Crème founder Lio Lim ahead of the opening of Malaysia’s first NFT-themed ice cream parlour

Innovation and creativity have always been synonymous with Crème De La Crème (CDLC). The famed ice cream parlour has upped the ante by opening an NFT-themed ice cream parlour at Sunway Pyramid.

Like what The Louvre is for traditional art, enter CDLC Sunway Pyramid and be immersed in a world of popular blue-chipped NFTs, such as Bored Apes Yacht Club, Moonbirds, Doodles, Gutter Cat Gang; historical NFT collections such as PunksVoxels, Dooggies; and trending NFTs like Kiwami Genesis and Imaginary Ones, which are part of an extensive collection of the ice cream chain.

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CDLC aims to provide the NFT-loving community with a collaborative space to immerse themselves in all things NFTs while being inspired by its celebrated artisanal ice creams and petits gâteaux. At CDLC Sunway Pyramid, one will enjoy exclusive flavours that are especially conceptualised for this NFT-themed parlour and inspired by none other than the most popular NFTs.

We speak to CDLC founder and managing director Lio Lim on going into the NFT space—a first for a local ice cream business.

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Above CDLC's NFT-themed ice cream parlour at Sunway Pyramid

Congratulations on the opening of CDLC’s NFT-themed ice cream parlour! Tell us more about it.

Thank you very much! I’m super hyped-up about our latest outlet. Apart from our craft as ice cream artisans, we’ve always been known to innovate and excite, and we see our latest outlet as a natural progression of our vision to stay ahead by constantly being current and relevant in an industry that can easily become stagnated and predictable.

CDLC Sunway Pyramid will be Malaysia’s first NFT-themed ice cream haven with a curated collection of NFTs worth over US$1million that we and our associates own. There will, of course, be an exclusive range of ice cream flavours and petits gâteaux (ice cream cakes handcrafted in the form of edible works of art) that are specially conceptualised and inspired by popular blue-chip NFTs.

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We hear you’re a fan of NFTs. What is your personal experience with NFTs and crypto?

I’ve always challenged the conventional and am naturally fascinated with decentralisation, community-driven governance, and the amazing promise that blockchain technology brings to the table. I love cryptocurrencies that have utility, which not only solves real-world problems but drives the virtual gaming world and of course the metaverse.

I’m an avid art collector and when NFTs came to birth, they were like a digital extension of my passion. While the utilities of NFTs extend much deeper than being perceived as mere 'jpegs', its art form is what attracts me.

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Above A curated collection of NFTs worth over US$1million on display
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Above An exclusive range of ice cream flavours and petits gâteaux

Please share what you had to do to prepare for CDLC’s NFT-themed ice cream parlour and some challenges that you had to overcome.

Like myself, I know members of the NFT-loving community are a very discerning bunch. I wanted to create an authentic multi-sensory world that pays proper tribute to NFTs and a decent space where all the stratum of our community can gather.

One obvious draw is going to be NFTS that will form the backdrop of this world and so we needed to curate a collection that will appeal to the enthusiasts, the avid collectors, the new-to-NFTs and of course, in NFT lingo, the Degens too! In real life, a typical art space will feature different galleries to cater to the interests of different audience groups, but we’re moving towards Web3, so the segmentation is digitally solved via four LED screens.

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What made you decide to move the business forward into the metaverse and why do you think that it’s the right way in moving forward?

The pandemic has accelerated the mass adoption of technology and we’re in the next stage of evolution where we live in a hybrid (real-life and virtual) world. Today, the time we invest commuting local and international traffic just doesn’t make business sense; if the last two years have taught us anything, it is that we have perpetuated this myth that we can only live, interact, collaborate, and conduct business in a physical world. VR/AR has been around for some time and has recently been propelled at an exponential rate driven by the sheer need of having to graft our lives into a virtual world with all the curveballs the pandemic threw, and will continue to throw, at us. We’re not only dodging the balls; we are making those balls non-existent in a virtual world. I don’t think we can ever put the genie back in the bottle even if we become better at keeping the pandemic under control.

In any case, it is bizarre to me that we would abandon the immense technological strides we had made in the last couple of years which would otherwise have taken us decades to achieve. So, I say we embrace this evolution with an open mind and fully tap on the potential that this exciting virtual world promises, where our individualism is only limited by the avatars we can dream up (via PFP) and operate businesses that cut across space and time in universes that are as boundless as our imagination. These are of course playing on CDLC’s key strengths—we are as unique and imaginative as artisans come. To me, transiting to the metaverse is a no-brainer where Ready Player One is finally a reality within reach. And frankly, who bets against Mark Zuckerberg?

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Above Artisanal ice creams and petits gâteaux you can eat
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Above Specially conceptualised and inspired by popular blue-chip NFTs

Tease us about the outlet’s offerings.

CDLC to the NFT-loving community is like what The Louvre is to physical art lovers. It is a one-of-kind sensory experience with NFT-themed ice creams such as Bored Ape, CryptoPunk, and Doodles to boot. Think of it as a visit to an art museum or gallery where you can admire and learn about art while enjoying a delicious ice cream that is inspired by the very art you are admiring. But really, you must come to experience it first hand.

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What do you and CDLC hope to achieve from this project?

If you are like me and are obsessed with NFTs, we’ve created the perfect universe for you. For those who are new to NFTs, come experience and explore with us. For those who live and breathe NFTs, claim your right to this space where you can chill, meet, and share your love for NFTs with like-minded members of the community.

Patrons are welcome to share and display their NFTs on four dedicated LED-display screens by registering their interest with us. We also plan to organise and host NFT meet-ups and events with various NFT thought leaders and fan communities. This will go towards building a symbiotic knowledge-based CDLC NFT community that taps on the collective wisdom on trending projects. And in the not too far future, we also look to become an even more active NFT/crypto player. So watch this space!



Lio Lim

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