Asia’s first designer brand of bird’s nest now comes in single-serving portions and different flavours.

Is it time to stock up on your supply of bird’s nest  yet? Well, NestBloom, Asia’s first designer bird’s nest, is having a pop-up store on Bussorah Street from now until November 9.

While the focus remains on the quality of this prized ingredient, the brand also boast a revolutionary solution to preparing and enjoying its range of products, which includes desserts in different flavours. The almond cream paired with matcha and bird’s nest, for instance, is designed to give you that much needed energy boost, similar to coffee, so it’s best to have this in the morning.

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Above All photos: NestBloom

The almond cream infused with rose for added aromatics and anti-oxidant properties can be taken any time of the day, while the almond cream with bird’s nest and pure rock sugar is deliciously comforting as a nighttime drink.

As if the idea of such a natural product and the convenience of the single-serve portions they come in isn't attrative enough, the bird’s nest is shaped like a flower (a different bloom for each variety), to reflect the product’s all-natural goodness.

The products also come in gift sets and starter kits.

The pop-up boutique is at 13 Bussorah Street. Check out the website or email for more information.

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