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As part of the Global Sommelier Series, master sake sommelier Joshua Kalinan curated bundles that focus on the lesser-known breweries

We could all use a drink or two given the Phase 2 Heightened Alert that will last until June 13. If sake is your poison of choice, you’ll be glad to know that online bottle shop Clink Clink is offering sake bundles curated by master sake sommelier Joshua Kalinan. These are available throughout the month as part of the e-commerce platform’s Global Sommelier Series, showcasing what leading guest sommeliers drink on their days off.

“It may sound a bit evangelical, but I really want to preach the gospel of sake within Singapore,” explained Kalinan, whose exclusive curations put the spotlight on the lesser-known sake breweries that are quietly shaking up the sake industry.

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A good introduction to the world of sakes is the Producer Spotlight: Dassai, which, as the name implies, focuses on the legendary brews from this iconic producer. These are the Asahi Shuzō Dassai 23, Asahi Shuzō Dassai 39 and Asahi Shuzō Dassai 45.

Other stellar offerings include the Yamada Nishiki: The King of Rice, a premium selection of Yamada Nishiki rice sakes across various regions, as well as the Girl Power Female Sake Brewers. The latter features the creations of leading female sake brewer and are known for their very distinct brewing styles.

“We need to build up a sake community in Singapore,” added Kalinan, and he hopes that these exclusive sets will entice more imbibers to appreciate sake.

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