'Tis the season to be merry — so of course we'll be needing some alcohol!

Need something to go with your slice of bibingka? Or perhaps you need to mix up your usual merienda of puto bumbong? Either way, these easy to make Christmas cocktails are the answer to your problems. Get ready for delicious peppermint martinis, pumpkin inspired sippers, and all the usual staples that come with a very merry Christmas indeed. 

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1. Apple Cider Bourbon

Martha Stewart's apple cider bourbon is a surprisingly quick and easy recipe for a fun night in. It incorporates the robust tastes of apple cider alongside refreshing touches of lemon and ginger — check it out here.

For those who would prefer to make their own apple cider, there's a really quick tutorial here. Admittedly, it might take a little extra time to concoct your own — you'd need to slow cook apples, oranges, cinnamon, and sugar together for six to seven hours — but we guarantee that a homemade mix will be so worth it. 

2. Eggnog

Two holiday staples are pumpkin spiced tipples, and a classic eggnog of course. Get a start up on this delicious beverage with a recipe from the Food Network.

Those who like their drinks with a little more punch can try Martha Stewart's classic version, which not only has bourbon, but dark rum and cognac as well.

Of course, we understand that not everyone may be a fan of all things spiked, so those who are looking for a more wholesome take can try this family friendly how-to from The Spruce Eats! 

3. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a European classic! Famous among Christmas markets, this cosy drink is an easy mix of honey, brandy, red wine, and spices. Try your hand at it with this easy Delish recipe

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4. Cranberry Mimosa

Festive cranberry mimosas may not sound like a typical Filipino treat — but trust us, this one's easy and it's vegan! The Edgy Veg gives us an interesting take on this popular Western drink that's sure to add a little colour (and a whole lotta cheer) to your tables this year. Check the recipe here

5. Boozy Hot Chocolate

What's better than hot chocolate this Christmas season? Nothing... unless it's spiked. Get cosy with a heaping good mug of hot chocolate that's been tossed in with some Baileys, vodka, and a dash of Kahlua. A very merry Christmas indeed with this easy recipe

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6. Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum

Pumpkin spice has become a trend in the Philippines, and although it isn't popular as it is in other countries, it has surely caught the attention of many. Get a head start and make your own concoctions with this homemade Pumpkin Hot Buttered Rum recipe. It's not as quick as the other recipes — but it's will be a fun activity to do with friends or family. Check out the recipe here

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