Cover Happy hour is made even better with Nikkei's newest cocktails | Photo: Drew Beamer \ Unsplash

Nikkei brings their signature Japanese-Pervuian hallmark to the cocktails realm with Sake Sangria, nori-infused mojito, and more.

The fan-favourite Peruvian-Japanese haunt serves more than just tasty bites - Nikkei’s inspired cuisine has also produced delicious booze. Packed with the hallmark flavours that encourage the restaurant’s continued success, their newest cocktails are sure to win you over, just as their tiraditos, sushi, and ceviche have.

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The Sake Sangria is a crowd-pleasing pour, infusing a refreshing medley of apple, orange, and lychee juices with the lively punch from ginger syrup, Plantation 3 Stars rum, and sake. Another cleverly crafted sake cocktail is the Gone Geisha - topped with a frothy egg white, the concoction is a potent blend of Beefeater Gin, St. Germain, and a sassy dash of angostura bitters.

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While the Sake Martini showcases the beautiful flavours of rice wine, the innovative cocktail also utilises wasabi paste for a unique kick. On the other hand, the Norito reimagines the classic mojito by integrating seaweed into the mix of muddled mint, lime, ginger, and festive cachaca. 

Each cocktail can be served in a glass for solo enjoyment or poured from a carafe for bigger parties. Either way, each sip brings you closer to high spirits and “hai!” times. 

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