The craft spirit is the only vodka in India that is made with Basmati rice

When you think of vodka, the first drinks that may come to mind are those that are derived from Sweden and Russia. But India is home to premium spirits too; case in point Smoke Lab Vodka, its first homegrown premium craft vodka that has finally made its way to Singapore.

The white spirit is the brainchild of Varun Jain, CEO of NV Group, one of India’s largest and most successful distillers. To set their vodka apart, they are the only ones who use basmati rice that is sourced from the local farms near the distillery.

Why basmati rice? One obvious reason is that it is closely linked to its homeland of India. It also gives the spirit its distinct crisp and pure flavour that is finished with pure floral aromas. It’s extremely soft, clean and smooth on the palate, too, as the rice undergoes a complex process including a traditional five-step distillation and an extra step of Sparkle Filtration system to achieve the desired flavours.

There are two flavours on offer—the Smoke Lab Vodka Classic which has fresh and nutty aromas and hints of citrus fruits, and the Smoke Lab Vodka Aniseed which has more pronounced fennel and liquorice notes.

To celebrate its launch in Singapore, four bartenders have concocted their versions of martini inspired by successful ladies in Singapore, and using Smoke Lab Vodka as its base. Here are their creative offerings.

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The Old Man Singapore

Owner and co-founder Andrew Yap has created #Ayal in honour of Aarika Lee, the marketing director at branding and marketing agency Elementary Co. With her love for sunshine and beaches, Yap created a refreshing cocktail using Smoke Lab Vodka Classic, Cucielo Bianco Vermouth and coconut essence.

The Limehouse

Bartender Thomas Sobota used Jana Yar, a renowned photographer from Slovakia, as his inspiration for Cybertini. It’s made with Smoke Lab Vodka Classic, Bianco Vermouth, Jamaican dark rum, orange bitters and hibiscus.

The Elephant Room

Morsels’ chef-owner Petrina Loh is the woman behind Iron Lady, created by bartender Amos Kew. The drink is a medley of Smoke Lab Vodka Classic, fresh basil and pineapple vinegar to represent her modern Asian cuisine as well as her achievements.

Sago House

Last but not least is Brown Girl Magic by Sago House’s co-founder Desiree Silva. It was created as tribute to fitness instructor Alyaa Rauff. Silva wanted to capture Rauff’s fun personality in the tipple, so she concocted it with Smoke Lab Vodka Classic, Campari, watermelon liqueur, lime juice and honey.

The libations will be available at participating bars until March 31. A portion of the sales from the drinks will be donated to Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT).

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