Change up your choice of drinks come 2021 by concocting your own cocktail or opting for canned cocktails

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, the tradition has always been to pop a bottle of bubbly. But so much has changed in the past year with the rise of canned cocktails for deliveries as well as building your own home bar with sake, cocktail and whisky starter kits that it sounds about right to incorporate these in your New Year's Eve celebration. Here are five ideas to get you started.  

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Rémy Ginger Highball

If you want to play bartender at your New Year’s Eve party, impress them with this simple but delicious cocktail recipe. All you need is the Rémy Martin ginger kit, which comes with one bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP (700ml) and two bottles of Fever Tree Ginger Ale (200ml).

To prepare, simply pour 45ml of cognac over a cube of large cubed ice and top with 150ml ginger ale for a smooth and potent drink, enhanced with natural botanical flavours. Garnish with a wedge of lime, orange zest or cinnamon stick. Buy here.

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Zouk Canned Cocktails

There will be no partying at Zouk this year, but you can bring home their inspired libations with the newly-launched canned cocktail collection. Why choose from three flavours (Bourbon Pineapple, Yuzu Blossom and Guava Fizz) when you can have them all?

Those who like sweet and sour notes may start with the Bourbon Pineapple, a refreshing concoction with hints of heat from the firewater bitters. Want something refreshing? The Yuzu Blossom is an inspired take on the classic Gimlet and is concocted with yuzu juice, gin and Orange Blossom Water. Last but not least is the Guava Fizz, an innovative take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea featuring crisp soda fizz and guava juice. Buy here.

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Pony Cocktails

Asia’s Best Bar 2020 Jigger & Pony has launched Pony to bring the bar experience to your home for a much-needed revelry come 2021. There are two core ranges: Classic that showcases classic cocktails such as Negroni and Old Fashioned, and Signature which comprises creative flavours such as the Sakura Martini.

The Sakura Martini is a beautiful medley of Roku Gin, sake vermouth, crème de peche and sakura leaf essence to round off the flavours. From the classic range, the standout is the Old Fashioned, a potent drink of bourbon whiskey with Okinawa sugar, orange essence and angostura bitters. Buy here.    

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Hendrick's Cranberry Fizz

Here’s another cocktail recipe to impress your guests on New Year’s Eve: Hendrick’s Cranberry Fizz, a light and refreshing libation to kickstart the party. It’s also easy to prepare: just mix one part (50ml) Hendrick’s Gin, two parts (100ml) cranberry juice and one part sparkling wine into a Highball glass. Garnish with 2 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber, three cranberries and one sprig of mint. Buy here.

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Junior The Pocket Bar

Even Junior The Pocket Bar got into the festive spirit with its Holiday Cocktail 6-pack collection, available throughout the month. The set includes Glüwein, a classic German mulled wine made using  Jamaican Rum, apple brandy, red wine and mulling spice, as well as Swiss Miss. The latter is an invigorating tipple of Hokkaido chocolate milk, green chartreuse, dark rum cinnamon that's topped with a big marshmallow. Buy here