Cover (Photo: Don Papa Rum)

Hop on board! Don Papa just unveiled a limited edition Port Casks, a premium rum that will take you on a taste odyssey 500 years back!

Nowhere to go but home? Grab a glass and have a drink that will take you on an incredibly rich taste odyssey.

This year marks the quincentenary of the world's first circumnavigation which led the Spanish people to the Philippines. In honour of this historical voyage, Don Papa Rum, the first premium single island rum from the Philippines, unveils its newest expression: the Port Casks.

This limited-edition, premium rum is the main attraction for all the good reasons.

Bottled at 40 per cent ABV, this full-bodied rum is distilled on the wondrous island of Sugarlandia, otherwise known as the Negros Occidental. The rum was aged in the unique volcanic climate of the foothills of the active volcano Mt Kanlaon. It was initially aged for two years in ex-bourbon casks before being transferred into a ruby Port Casks for five more years.

The rum is an explosion flavour; sweet yet dark and spicy yet fruity. One sip and you'll taste deep notes of liquorice, polished oak, dark chocolate and muscovado sugar blended with zesty blood oranges, ripe red berries and fresh vanilla. The drink is also infused with pure and original Negros sugar cane.

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To complete the experience, the Port Casks are designed with a surrealist illustration of Magellan's odyssey to the Philippines. More importantly, the vessel is reminiscent of the creatures of Sugarlandia and the irreverence of Papa Isio, the inspiring unsung hero behind the brand's name.

Whether you blend the Port Casks rum with other fresh ingredients or take it straight, it's an experience like no other.

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