Comprising the Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne, the Glenfiddich Grand Series is made to elevate celebrations, as its magnificent debut in Kuala Lumpur can testify

The Glenfiddich Grand Series, comprising the Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne, are a range of high aged single malt whiskies made to mark special occasions.

A spectacular gala was held for the launch of the range last week, which took place in Menara Ken TTDI, and saw the space decked out to the nines, to mirror the opulence and elegance of the Glenfiddich Grand Series. The event was hosted by Brett Bayly, Glenfiddich’s Southeast Asia brand ambassador alongside friends of the brand and members of media. Guests were treated to a luxurious experience featuring a pairing dinner crafted by chef Lroy Lim of W Hotel's Willow Kuala Lumpur.

Upon arrival, we were astounded by the level of detail and finery that went into enlivening the space. To begin, we were treated with a Glenfiddich 18-year-old, foretelling the even more luxurious whiskies that awaited.

Guests mingled and enjoyed a number of performances before the exciting unveiling of the Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne featuring models in unconventional costumes and the iconic Glenfiddich stag.

Finally, we got to taste the Glenfiddich Grand Series at dinner, and we truly cherished every drop.

"At Glenfiddich, we believe that grand occasions deserve grand celebrations. Combining a time-honoured vision with the maverick spirit and determination to blaze new trails, the Glenfiddich Grand Series is a celebration of the extraordinary. From unexpected cask finishes of Caribbean rum to French cuvée and cognac casks, the Grand Series showcases our ability to experiment with aged liquid and intriguing finishes – bringing together luxury and traditional worlds in an unexpected marriage and elevating ordinary occasions to offer a true taste of opulence." shared Southeast Asia brand ambassador for Glenfiddich, Brett Bayly.

Gran Reserva
Embrace the Occasion
This single malt adds an indulgent finishing touch to any moment - from a fun night out with friends, celebrating a new job or even a much-awaited graduation.

A blend of tradition and rebellion, savour the very best of Scotland and the Caribbean as this whisky is mellowed for 21 years in selected American and European oak casks and finished for six months in Caribbean Rum casks. The liquid builds to a crescendo of sweet toffee and spicy exotic warmth that is encased in a vibrant, deep amber packaging reminiscent of the warm hues of beach sunsets complete with Caribbean-inspired illustrations. For the dinner the Gran Reserva perfectly complemented the first course of foie gras terrine with mango, aged balsamic and kaffir lime.

Grand Cru
Celebrate the Occasion
Fusing the finest flavours from Scotland and France for a true taste of shared luxury, the Grand Cru is perfect for celebrating big milestones and social moments in life, from graduations to engagements.

Matured for 23 years, this exceptional liquid is finished in rare French cuvée casks for six months—the first and only Glenfiddich expression to be finished in such casks. Corked in a bottle of black glass embellished with gold foil, its lavish exterior offers hints of the indulgence that awaits. A true testament of craftsmanship, this masterpiece of whisky-making exudes elegance on the nose while bringing sophisticated richness to the palate. For the second course, the Grand Cru was served with pan-seared Hokkaido scallops alongside an interesting accessory, a finishing perfume of sansho pepper oil and apple. The 23-year-old whisky also made an encore with the dessert, where it accentuated the flavours of the chocolate and comice pear.


Grande Couronne
Crown the Occasion
The Grande Couronne represents the epitome of opulence, uncorked only at your most majestic and meaningful of celebrations such as marking an anniversary, marriage or simply to add a luxurious touch to a holiday.

The crowning glory to any occasion and the epitome of true opulence is the Grande Couronne. Its very name, meaning crown in French, was the pinnacle of the night’s revelry. This rich and regal whisky is aged for 26 years before receiving an extended finish of up to two years in rare French cognac casks, painstakingly sourced in limited quantities. Unveiling exquisite layers of sweet toasted oak and velvety aromas, the Grande Couronne is the pièce de résistance of the Glenfiddich Grand Series, and nestled in beautiful packaging embellished with fresco artwork. It was paired with the main course of the evening, a delicious roasted Irish duck.

To find out more about Glenfiddich, visit the brand's Instagram profile; and to discover or purchase the Grand Series, email a Glenfiddich representative.

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