Forget long haul flights; simply hail a cab to check-in at a wealth of luxury hotels in the Golden Triangle. The W Kuala Lumpur is but a hop, a skip and a jump from most doorsteps.

Attending the 2019 Generation T Honourees Launch on Thursday, June 27, 2019? All the more reason to spend the night at the five star hotel; Malaysia Tatler's legendary after-parties are known to continue well into the morning.

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Super Service

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, long check-in lines might feel like the bane of your existence, especially when you can't wait to slip in between cool satin sheets. But there are worse places to wait than the W Kuala Lumpur's stunning lobby, which wouldn't look out of place in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I didn't have to cool my heels for long, however – service was that swift. It's not often one is escorted all the way from the check-in counter to one's room, but Mr Pavan did just that, gallantly toting my luggage and indulging me in light banter.

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Green & Local Touches

It's hard not to capitulate to the cheap thrills of 'click & send' upon checking in to the hotel's Spectacular Room, what with its king-sized bed and next door view of the Twin Towers. But the minute details are what moved me more than anything.

You won't find Lay's potato chips or generic cocktail peanuts at the mini bar. Instead, the pantry is stocked with treats by local champion Chocolate Concierge. Try the Semai Pahang origin 72% dark chocolate, the cocoa nibs in 65% dark chocolate, or the pepper & coconut milk chocolate (my favourite).
As someone who tries to make better choices for the sake of the environment, it was comforting to know that I could borrow the provided tote bag in my room — all the more reason to go on a shopping spree at KLCC. Fidget around with the air-conditioning controls and you'll even find an ‘ECO’ option.

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Farm To Flock Eats

Since my stay coincided with Ramadan, dinner took place at the 'Bazaar Malam'-themed buffet at Flock. Ever vigilant, the server assigned to my section swooped in with a finger bowl after I'd had my fill of shellfish, cleared my plates promptly, and made sure I was well-watered.

Breakfast the next morning saw the opportunity to be equal parts nice and naughty, with a sumptuous cheese board provided by local cheesemaker Milky Whey and heirloom vegetables grown in Cameron Highlands by Weeds & More.

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Be Whisked Away From Your Worries

No visit to the W Kuala Lumpur is complete sans a spa session at AWAY Spa, where I'd booked a Malay Urut massage. My masseuse hit all the right pressure points and, when it was time to be roused, rang a small bell — a small but much appreciated gesture that eased me out of the REM stage of the sleep cycle. View the spa menu here.

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Whimsical Cocktail Creations

Experience a whole range of emotions at WOOBAR, a cocktail bar that also serves afternoon tea from 3-5pm. Known to KL's night owls as JR, head mixologist Riizal Junior Joe Utto knows spirits like the back of his hand, and will help you pick your poison of choice. Get a sneak peek of WOOBAR's full menu here.

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Welcome To The Party

Since making its splashy debut in August 2018, the W Kuala Lumpur has become the place to party, parley and pontificate. Wet Deck, in particular, has become my go-to when tasked with entertaining guests from out-of-town. 

Grab a salty gin and tonic (one of the tastiest tipples in town, if you ask me) and dance the night away under the stars — only be careful not to slip and stumble into the swimming pool.

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