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The new additions are just the latest in The DPT Group's rapid expansion

It's clear that opening Carbon, a huge restaurant-lounge-wellness space concept atop H Code, has hardly taken the wind out of The DPT Group founder Wil Fang's sails, as he's launching two more venues this month alone.

First up is Cookie DPT's first standalone bricks-and-mortar cafe. Located on Cochrane Street, the cafe's minimalist, whitewashed decor and material palette of glass, steel and cement bears a striking resemblance to the aesthetic of an Apple store, a company at which Fang spent two years. The flagship cafe features an on-site bakery, from which fresh-out-of-the-oven pastries like cinnamon buns emerge at set intervals throughout the day in "drops", no doubt inspired by limited-edition sneaker culture. Cookie DPT's full range of cookies and pastries, including some location exclusives, are available for picking and choosing here, along with a menu of espresso coffee drinks.

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Just a stone's throw further down the street is Rollie, Fang's second venture that infuses the hip-hop and skate culture of the West Coast with the temaki (hand rolls), of Japan, usually served as the last sushi course in an omakase menu. Here, the temaki format lends itself to a cheap and cheerful lunch, or at night, a more raucous experience complete with cocktails, beers, sake and more.

With its sushi bar layout, patrons are seated right up close to the action, with chefs assembling and serving the temaki directly. The menu features simple but decadent options such as uni and minced toro, alongside American-inspired sushi such as the Dragon and Rainbow Rolls. Cheekily-named dishes like the Ex-Scallop-Ur and the Bu-crab-ke udon complete the offerings.

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Now in the soft opening phase, Rollie is currently serving a lunch set menu, with plans to open its upstairs private dining space when coronavirus restrictions ease.

“My family's restaurant shaped my childhood, and growing up around it taught me a lot about life and what it takes to run a successful establishment," says Fang of his openings. "There's no better place to draw inspiration from than personal experience, and I hope to bring these memories to life with Rollie and other future projects.”

Cookie DPT., L/G, FOCO, 48 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong;

Rollie, 32 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong; +852 2845 9244


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