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Elevate your weekly pasta habit with the fresh-made pasta from these five brands, including plain, flavoured, and stuffed variants

For many of us, pasta has become a regular feature in our rotating weeknight menus. And why shouldn’t it be? The family of Italian dishes makes for a filling, comforting meal, and is vibrant with a world of flavourful possibilities. However, this tired recurrence can often result in lacklustre dishes, reaching for the same jar of bottled sauce and store-bought boxed noodles we’ve cooked every Monday for the past two months.

If you feel stuck in a culinary rut and want to spice up your pasta dishes, the fresh-made pasta from these five brands are an easy but elegant way to do just that. Who knows, you may just find your next weekly habit below.

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The Daily Knead

From their inspired variations on the pain au chocolat to their ensaymada loaded with manchego and topped with jamon, The Daily Knead has established itself as an endlessly innovative must-try bakery. What you may not know, however, is that the brand also carries an array of pantry staples and ready-to-cook items to help you get fired up in your own kitchen - including, of course, some fresh pasta. Choose between their fettuccine or spaghetti alla chiattara which have delicate flavours that bring your sauce of choice to the fore.  

Tatler Tip: skip the grocery line and order other ingredients you may need from The Daily Knead’s pantry staples collection like eggs, butter, and even parmesan cheese.

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Conspire Foods

Conspire Foods specialises in bread and pasta products that cameo in some of your favourite homegrown restaurants - Sweet Ecstasy and Bar Pintxos to name a few. Lucky for us, you can also enjoy their products as personal orders, handmade pasta included. Their selection of restaurant-quality frozen fresh pasta includes fusili, bucatini, and radiatore, but what makes their pasta truly special is that they are extruded with bronze dies. This special tool creates a rougher, more porous surface, allowing your delicious pasta sauce to cling to the noodles with effortless ease.

Tatler Tip: Conspire Foods also has an array of fresh ramen noodles and egg noodles, perfect for days you’re craving Asian fare.

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Noodle Lab

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If you’re looking for quick, easy, and delicious dishes to whip up at home, the pasta from Noodle Lab are right up your alley. While they’ve also got lots of basic noodle staples, their filled pasta are packed with so much flavour you won’t have to do much to complete the meal. For example, take their self-saucing carbonara raviolo with guanciale, pecorino romano, black pepper, ricotta, and luscious egg yolk - simply boil, toss in some flavoured butter, and you’re all set.

Tatler Tip: take a cue from Noodle Lab themselves and finish their pasta with some flavoured compound butter from Comer y Comic. Explore their range of savoury flavours like sundried tomato and basil; caviar, white wine, and lemon; and truffle, balsamic, and apricot, then mix-and-match with the pasta from Noodle Lab.

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Made by Nadine

Speaking of rich stuffed pasta that need little more than some finishing touches, these triple mushroom and truffle ricotta doppio ravioli by Nadine Howell Fanlo are primed to be your next weeknight go-to. Oozing with truffle ricotta in one pocket and a trio of mushroom duxelles on the other, the ravioli are a sneaky shortcut for a luxurious homemade meal. If you’re itching to make a more involved meal, take a peek at her basic pasta shapes, too.

Tatler Tip: before you check out, make sure to add some cured egg yolk to your basket. Grated over savoury dishes, the increasingly popular garnish will enrich your pasta dish with a salty and umami depth.

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Dough & Grocer

This much-loved one-stop-shop truly has it all, so it should come as no surprise that Dough & Grocer’s expansive portfolio includes fresh-made pasta as well. The collection of tagliatelle alone is quite impressive with four variants to choose from: plain, moringa, tomato chilli, and squid ink.

Tatler Tip: Dough & Grocer also has some premium pre-made sauces to accompany your fresh pasta, such as truffle mushroom, amatriciana with Iberico pancetta, and Wagyu beef bolognese.


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