For this year’s International Waffle Day on March 25th, we explore the holiday’s Swedish origins and look for the best places in Hong Kong to indulge in waffles

Waffle Day came about as a pure accident. The holiday originated in Sweden where, on the 25th of March of every year, the Swedes would celebrate Annunciation Day, otherwise known as Our Lady Day. Because of a simple mispronunciation, the holiday—Vårfrudagen—soon became Waffle Day, or Våffeldagen.

Now every year, Swedes gather with friends and family to make waffles to celebrate the arrival of Spring. A typical Swedish waffle will be served with whipped cream and jam.

Since we could all use an excuse to eat waffles, we have found the best places in Hong Kong to celebrate International Waffle Day:

Blue Supreme

Located at the intersection of two quiet streets in Sheung Wan, Blue Supreme is the perfect hideout from the bustling city. When the weather is nice, the bistro opens its doors so that diners can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while drinking live beers and savouring the New American cuisine. Among the food offerings is the brunch menu’s buttermilk chicken waffle with bacon. With a refreshing side of watermelon and maple barbeque sauce to drizzle on your waffle, you couldn’t ask for more.

Blue Supreme, 21 Tung St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 5998 3088;

Master Low-Key Food Shop

There may be many local shops selling egg waffles in Hong Kong, but the one on the popular street corner in Shau Kei Wan still remains the local favourite. Without any of the bells and whistles of modern bakeries, this vendor retains the old Hong Kong charm and spirit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For a true taste of the Hong Kong style waffle, have the everything- butter, peanut butter and condensed milk with napkins ready. Master Low-Key also offers a special waffle with salted egg yolks added into the mix for a richer alternative.

Master Low-Key Food Shop, Shop B3, G/F, 76A Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong, +852 6601 5300


Kinship brings the flavours of world travel to their restaurant, where the dark and moody atmosphere makes you want to slide back into the sofa and relax for a couple of hours. You might need to anyway, because their fried chicken and waffle is no small feat. But is it worth all the calories? Absolutely.

Kinship, 3/F LL Tower, 2 Shelley St, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2520 0899;

Oddies Foodies

A modern take on the egg waffle brings us to Gough Street, where Oddies Foodies sells the dream combination of creamy artisan Italian gelato and Hong Kong-style egg waffle, otherwise known as eggettes. With a variety of gelato flavours to choose from, including a low-calorie collection, your waffle parfait could not be more...parfait.

Oddies Foodies, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2750 2111;

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