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Tired of having wilted herbs in your fridge? It's time to start growing your own herb garden for a more sustainable experience!

If you're learning how to cook or simply living on your own, you know that buying a handful of herbs from the grocery store can end up being a big waste. Avoid having those wilted greens in your refrigerator and opt for live plants instead! They last long, won't wilt (with proper care) and are a more sustainable alternative to constantly purchasing bags of greens from the supermarket. Here's where to stock up on live herbs for all your culinary experiments and adventures: 

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Unbeleafable is the best place to stock up on much needed herbs for the kitchen. Their affordable prices make them consumer friendly and the store itself carries some of the most important basic herbs one might need for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get your hands on everything from thyme to Thai basil through this online shop that also offers same day delivery. 

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Shopleaf Plant Studio

Shopleaf Plant Studio encourages everyone to grow their own food with a selection of herbs and even fruit-bearing trees. Spot sweet basil, oregano, and Italian oregano on their online site, alongside calamansi trees and even the exotic Brazilian grapetree. 

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HomeGrown Fresh Foods

Thyme, rosemary, tarragon, and pandan leaves are just a few of the freshly potted plants available online at HomeGrown Fresh Foods. Making vegetables and other greens more widely available for consumers, this useful online store also sells vegetables and flowers and accepts multiple payment options including cash on delivery. 

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MNL Grow Kits

Itching to grow something from seed? MNL Grow Kits allows everyone to do just that with a comprehensive set of everything you need! Fulfill your inner plantito or plantita by growing your own pot of chives, dill, cilantro, parsley, or basil. You'll be extra proud of yourself knowing something you cooked was made with homegrown spices, nurtured by love. 

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Sustainable Lifestyle Options

Looking for more sustainable lifestyle options? These items from The Common Room are sure to help! Introducing plantable pencils: brought to you by Little Big Help, these amazing two-in-one items start off as a basic writing material, but can soon transform into your choice of parsley, mustard, basil, or arugula seedlings. An option by The Eco Dentist offers users to plant thyme, oregano, or even citronella with their pencils! Not bad for having around the house. 

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