The burger joint will open its first outlet at Plaza Singapura on Monday, with an extensive menu of cult favourites to indulge in

Burger aficionados only have to wait two more days before Five Guys Singapore officially opens its first outlet at Plaza Singapura on December 16. It’s guaranteed to be a grand affair (be prepared to queue), so the folks at Five Guys flew to Singapore to give us a sneak peek today, ahead of its first day of operations. Here’s what we enjoyed at our first Five Guys experience in Singapore.

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Perfectly-cooked French fries

The potatoes used for the French fries are sourced from the Netherlands; in fact, there’s a board posted near the drinks refill station which displays where the day’s produce is from (when we visited, the potatoes were from Bouman, Poortviet).

After the potatoes are cleaned and hand-cut into thick strips, they undergo three stages of the cooking process to ensure they’re firm and not mushy after they’re deep-fried. The team also use peanut oil not only because it’s healthier, but it also enhances the aroma and taste of the fries. It comes in two flavours: Five Guys style and the signature Cajun style.

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Customisable burgers

There are eight burger varieties to choose from; the crowning glory is the patty made with grass-fed beef cooked to a precise well-done, so it remains juicy and succulent. The normal burger gives you two stacks of patties while the small version has one.

The buns are also worth mentioning, as Five Guys works closely with selected bakeries to create their propriety buns that soak in all the juices without breaking apart easily. These are lightly toasted before they’re lathered with house-made mayonnaise and stacked with your choice of free toppings.

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Addictive milkshakes

A trip to Five Guys Singapore is incomplete without trying the cult-favourite milkshake that is made in front of guests at the dedicated milkshake counter. Again, you can easily personalise your order based on the mix-ins you pick—there are 11 to choose from. We decided to go for The Elvis, concocted with banana, salted caramel and bacon bits that tempered the sweetness of the shake and added a welcome crunch.

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Casual vibes

In true Five Guys fashion, the 460 sqm space is clad in red and white tiles and seats up to 52 customers at the indoor dining area. However, there are plans to expand the outlet with an alfresco area to accommodate more hungry diners.

Like all its other outlets, you’ll also find bags of peanuts neatly stacked in front of the open kitchen, beckoning diners to munch on this free snack while waiting for their orders. Music also plays a big part in setting the mood, and the choice of genre is classic rock so groove away as you wait to sink your teeth into those juicy patties.

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