Cover Sweet potato with soy milk ice cream (Photo: Mora)

The chef-founder of Tate Dining Room is launching a new project on Upper Lascar Row in January 2022

At Tate Dining Room, chef Vicky Lau would often turn her lens on the possibilities of specific ingredients and flavours resulting in her now-iconic “odes” menus. In June 2020, Lau created an eight-course feast featuring myriad tofu preparations, from cold noodles with yuba to fermented tofu; later, in January 2021, she explored the complexities of soy sauce and featured six wildly different courses spanning savoury and sweet, each bringing out the character of the ingredient. Now, a year since Ode to Soy, Lau will be going full throttle with a brand new restaurant named Mora—a small 28-seat venue on historic Upper Lascar Row that will delve deep into the world of soybeans.

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It’s an incredible task considering the last two endeavours were experimental menus available for a short period; this time, it’s a bricks-and-mortar restaurant that will focus fully on soy as a common thread throughout its existence. In addition, the majority of the soy-based products that will be used on Mora’s menu are being produced in Lau’s own dedicated factory, which uses a method of extraction that is said to result in a thicker texture and more intense soy aroma. From soy sauce to tofu and soy milk, the ingredients find themselves presented in dishes that are classically Lau—that is, incredibly detailed and with a beautiful aesthetic—such as soy milk and chicken noodles, and baked sweet potato with soy milk ice cream.

“Soy sauce is a staple condiment in all Chinese households and an essential flavour in so many of the dishes I loved when growing up—which is what inspired me to dedicate one of Tate’s “Ode To” menus to this simple yet versatile seasoning that is so emblematic of Asian cuisines,” she told Tatler Dining previously. Lau also paid homage to Hong Kong’s local tofu maker Kung Wo Beancurd Factory, which she worked with closely during the research and development phase of her initial Ode to Tofu menu.

“At Mora, I aim to create an entirely new genre of soy-based dishes from all my learnings in and out of the kitchen, bridging emotions and memories with bistro-inspired cooking techniques,” says Lau.

Mora will open for set lunch and dinner from 15 January 2022 with a full a la carte available from March 2022.

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